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Most Common Issues With Home Appliances?

We all have something of a love and hate relationship with home appliances. We love them, and can’t imagine our lives without them, yet we hate them when they break down – which they sometimes do. Once that happens, our entire household can grind to a screeching halt until a repairman is called in to…

Small-Scale DIY: Increasing Your Home’s Value

Image via Pixabay by ErikaWittilieb Many DIY home improvement projects are expensive, drawn out, and tricky to get right. When reselling your home, you naturally begin looking for ways to increase its value and attract potential buyers. While repainting certainly doesn’t hurt and installing an Energy Star appliance is never a bad thing, there are…

Thrifty and Green is a Must

Going green was a craze a couple of years ago. While it hasn’t remained a rampant talking point across the internet, living in an environmentally friendly way is still (and will always be) crucial to saving the planet. This sounds like a big ask, and yet the average consumer can now be considered a green…