Three Reasons Why Timber Frame Construction Is A Move In The Right Direction

Three Reasons Why Timber Frame Construction is a Move in The Right Direction

If you are about to embark on a new-build project a solution which is worth a look is timber frame building. Timber frame is an excellent way to construct a property and is a good financial move from a point of view of making a financial investment in a property. Because of this timber frame is now one of the preferred methods used by developers as it ticks all the boxes to enhance the company’s profile whilst also making them a sizable profit.

Building ethical homes

One of the most attractive options for developers when choosing to build in timber frame is the chance to build a home which is good for the environment. The construction industry is one of those sectors which needs to explore alternative methods in terms of environmental awareness and using timber frame is a tried and tested, although not often used, method of constructing buildings.

Building in timber frame demonstrates how a company can puts its ethical practices into action whilst also raising the environmental awareness of the organization. The fact that a developer looks at eco-developments and highlights this by including environmentally friendly building in his portfolio also works wonders for the development of that organization. The move to timber frame can also be a good way to develop relationships with other companies who produce eco-friendly products and can entice customers who wouldn’t normally look at new-build into choosing a home which has been ethically built and is environmentally sustainable.

Design flexibility

One of the other advantages of timber frame construction is the flexibility it gives to the developer in terms of the design of the property. The flexibility of wood gives aspiring developers the opportunity to produce a home which is original and speaks volumes about themselves and the environment. When a developer is trying to build a portfolio of products it is better to have a range of different styles which says something about the design potential and how the developer works with his surroundings to create the best type of home for the land acquired.

Timber frame costs

The costs associated with any development can spiral out of control unless carefully monitored. However using timber frame developers are able to produce stunning designs which are carried out in an ethical manner using a material which can be costed quite effectively. They are thus able to keep their overheads right down. This is something which can’t be done when using other construction methods which comes at the right time considering the touch economic climate.

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