5 Need-to-Know Gardening Tips for Homeowners

The key to a beautiful garden is in the details. It’s not possible to pick up a few flowers at the local gardening store, plant them wherever in the yard, and ignore them until they really need to be replaced. While plants can grow on their own, proper planning and care can help make the entire yard look amazing throughout the year.

Use Fertilizers to Help Everything Grow Healthier

The lawn itself can benefit from fertilizers, as can just about anything growing in the garden. Fertilizers like Seasol contain the nutrients plants thrive on, making it easier for them to get everything they need to continue growing and be as healthy as possible. The right nutrients applied at the right time throughout the year can lead to blooms that last longer and a greener lawn.

Consider the Function of Your Yard Before Beginning

Is the yard somewhere for the kids to play or is it going to be a larger garden with room to grow flowers as well as vegetables? The function of the yard makes a huge difference when planning. Homeowners should take some time to think about what they want to do in the yard and sketch out a plan to make sure it allows them the space they need to do everything in their yard. Proper planning at this stage makes it easier to fit everything in no matter how small the yard might be.

Think About Maintaining the Yard

Maintenance is huge when it comes to keeping a lawn looking great. Homeowners must be realistic about what they can handle on a daily or weekly basis. Those who are new to gardening should opt for low-maintenance plants, at least in the beginning, so they don’t have to do as much and can have the gorgeous yard they want. Once they have a bit more experience, homeowners can add in some plants that have higher maintenance requirements.

Use Plants that Thrive Locally

It’s possible to grow most plants just about anywhere, but the plants that are going to do the best are the ones that naturally grow in that location. Consider the amount of sunlight in the yard, then look for regional plants that are going to work well around the yard. Ask at the local gardening store to find out which plants do best in the local area and to understand where they should be planted in the yard.

Think About How the Yard Looks Throughout the Year

Springtime comes and many people rush to get new flowers for their yard. They’ve gotten tired of the plain, boring look through the winter and are ready for something new. Properly planning before planting, however, may mean this isn’t necessary. Some plants are going to look great throughout the year. Instead of just choosing annuals that need to be replaced in the spring, look for plants that are going to look great throughout the winter months. Use a variety of different plants to add interest to the yard no matter what time of the year it is.

Having a gorgeous garden doesn’t need to be out of reach for any homeowner. It is important, however, to start with careful planning and thinking about which plants are going to work best in the yard. Use the tips here to start planning your garden to ensure your yard looks amazing all year long.

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