Effective Ways to Encourage Infants to Sleep on Cots

Effective Ways to Encourage Infants to Sleep on Cots

These days, cots come in many designs. You can rest assured that there’s one that will complete the nursery’s interiors, no matter its theme or color scheme.

While it is easy to find the perfect cot for your little bundle of joy, it can be a challenge to encourage your baby to sleep in the crib. This is true, especially between three to six months when most babies transition from bassinets to cribs.

Naturally, you will also end up sleepless if your newborn refuses to catch some shuteye. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to encourage babies to sleep in cots. Below, you will find some easy steps that you may take:

Place Your Baby in the Cot When He or She is Already Sleepy

The goal is to let your infant know that a crib is a place for sleeping. Initially, your newborn may show signs of hesitation to sleep there. He or she will soon realize that it is the perfect place to sleep every night.

During your baby’s transition from the bassinet to the crib, is patient. It may prove to be a challenging task at first, but it won’t take long before you reap the fruits.

Create an Evening Routine and Keep it the Same Nightly

To fend off insomnia, adults should make it a habit to perform a nightly routine. This allows their minds and bodies to realize that it is time to take a trip to dreamland.

The same is true when it comes to training babies to sleep in cots. Experts say that this is best done as your little one approach one year of age.

Some of the activities for creating a nightly routine include:

  • Playing soft music
  • Singing a song
  • Reading a bedtime story
  • Rocking your infant back and forth
  • Gently massaging his or her body

Remember one important thing: keep the routine the same every night.

Keep Midnight Feedings as Quick as Possible

It is perfectly normal for infants to wake their moms in the middle of the night when hungry. To keep unnecessary problems at bay, always keep feedings during those wee hours brief. After feeding, make sure you don’t play with him or her. Playing after midnight feedings can keep him or her, and most especially you, from going back to sleep right away. Nothing can encourage babies to stay awake in cots more than some fun and excitement.

Refrain From Rushing to the Nursery When Your Baby Cries

Just because your newborn is crying doesn’t mean that you should hop out of bed and head to the nursery to get your baby out of the cot. Most of the time, babies may cry for a while but will soon calm down and resume having sweet dreams.

When you hear your little one cry, stay in your room and give him or her some time to hush down and fall asleep once again. If your baby is still crying after five minutes, comfort him or her for a minute or two. Not all families practice and are comfortable with controlled comforting.

So, if you’re hesitant or just in need of answered questions, you can always ask your general practitioner or a health nurse for guidance.

source/credit: incyinteriors.com.au

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