Tips to Make Your Clothes Look New

Tips to Make Your Clothes Look New

Maintaining your possessions is a big part of adult life. It is not just an accomplishment when you acquire nice things, but you also have to keep them around. This is especially important if you are someone on a budget and simply cannot afford to splurge on new clothes. So every time you see a tear on a shirt or accidentally spill something, you’re in trouble. There are some steps you can take to ensure that you stay on top of this. Keeping your clothes looking new and clean is not a hard job. But it is essential for your day to day life.

A lot of us have limited time and fewer funds to buy new clothes. This is why you need to make sure that your nicer clothes stay intact. So whether you have one pair of socks or two blouses for work, keeping them fresh is a priority. You can do this easily without having to pay for expensive dry cleaning every other week.

Your Clothes are an Investment

Fashion has been considered to be an investment for the longest time. But with these liabilities, comes the issues of maintenance. Before you can think about taking care of your clothes, consider your buying practices. When you are spending a lot of money on certain pieces, you will want them to last for a long time. This is why you should think about the following before making a purchase:

  • The more durable a fabric is, the longer it will stay in your closet
  • Buy expensive clothing only if they do not require a lot of washing, as to avoid quality damage
  • Notice how fast the item creases when you fold it
  • How long is the shelf life, especially if you are using the item daily?

Once you have kept these points in mind, the next step is maintenance. So how do you keep your clothes from looking old and drab?

How to Make Your Clothes Look New

Paying Attention When Laundering

Following Instructions

Before you try to throw your clothing in washing machines, take a moment to think. Each garment you buy comes with its own instructions for laundering. If you follow these, you will be able to keep your clothes in shape for a long time. Whether you are line drying or hand washing even, the trick is to give special care. That said, make sure that the item is durable and can withstand high powered machine washes. Always make sure you check the temperature of the water as well before you soak the garment. You do not want to end up ruining your clothes, so follow the instructions carefully.

Using a Mesh Bag

When you are washing your delicate, you have to be extra careful. Not only are they expensive but they also need extra care. Use a mesh bag to put them in before you put them in the washer. This ensures their cleanliness and maintenance all at once.

Air Drying

This is a great way to keep your clothes looking fresh. The spin cycle is quick to fade the coloring of most garments and makes the fabric rougher. Line drying outside or even indoors on hangers and racks will help you avoid all these issues.

Rotating Your Clothes

Following a rotation routine for your clothing will help you save money and allow you to look good all week. If you have three pairs of jeans you can rotate them for each week so you have clean pants at all times. Similarly, you can keep your shirts on the same rotations whereby you wear them all at least once. This gives the impression that you have a lot of new clothing even though you are tactically using what you already own. Rotate your clothes, and relax all week round.

Spraying with Starch

This is an easy trick to revamp the look of your clothes. If you spray your clothes with starch it binds loose fibers together and the garment looks crisp and fresh again. Furthermore, if you add this to your ironing process it will further reduce wear and tear. With stains and dirt out of the way, your favorite pieces will last for a longer time.

Hanging Safely

If you have more delicate fabrics, you can pay closer attention to the way you hang them. Using wider hangers with extra padding ensures that the clothes do not stretch and look disfigured. Tops and dresses have their own straps which will decrease the need for bigger hangers. Also, suits and jackets need wooden hangers so their shape is maintained. Whenever you are hanging clothes in your closet, do not cram them close together and give them space.

Treating Leather Items

Not only are leather clothes costly, but they also require special care. Since you are investing in this expensive garment, you have to treat them accordingly. Using water-resistant formulations is key as leather does not mesh well with water. You can also condition the fabric to ensure that the material remains clean and new each passing day.

Be Familiar with Your Iron

Different fabric types react differently to the heat you put on them. Ironing can lead to burning and yellowing of a garment, especially if you apply too much heat. The trick is to familiarize yourself with the ironing process. Delicate fabrics need as little heat as possible, such as silks and cotton. Rougher fabrics can withstand higher pressures so make sure you know which is which. Your iron is an effective tool, so use it wisely.

Regular Cleanings

Although it is ill-advised to clean your clothes too often, you have to be regular. Washing and dry cleaning can be hard on your clothes and can fade their color and quality. Using gentle solutions during washing is a good way to maintain the look of your garments. And when you go for a dry clean option, make sure that it will not damage the clothing item. Regular cleaning help clothes look newer, but they should not be overdone.

Turning Clothes Inside Out

As a final tip, you can turn your clothes inside out for a newer look and feel. This helps the outside layer from accumulating dirt and looking older. Ultimately, the color and fabric of the item remain intact for longer time periods.

In Summation

All in all, when you make simple alterations to the treatment of your clothes, they look brand new. This includes the way you wash them and hang them in your closets. So, in order to increase their lifespan, you can follow the given tips and tricks. These will not only help in maintaining the expensive items in your closet, but also your regular garments.

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