Fertilizing Your Garden Using Organic Supplies for Best Results

Fertilizing Your Garden Using Organic Supplies for Best Results

As you set forth on your eco-friendly gardening journey, the first crucial step to take is deciding on organic gardening supplies. Investing in an inexpensive garden soil test kit would also be a wise investment.

Australians that are new to organic farming/gardening find this daunting. There’s too much information to sift through. 

If you’re currently in this situation, then start by investing in yourself. Learn more about the best farming practices and partner with professionals in the field, such as plant doctor organic growth supplies.

Did you know that Australia leads the globe when it comes to organic farming? With a small portion of the country being suitable for farming, Aussies had to become creative to solve this issue. In 2016, agricultural land under organic management was over 27 million acres.

Benefits of Organic Farming

Great for the environment

Based on agricultural practices that not only protect the environment but also strive to improve it, organic farming is quite popular in Australia. Farmers understand that biological diversity is key to feeding people and the planet.

By avoiding the use of petroleum-based fertilizers that pollute rivers and damage the soil, organic supplies tend to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide footprint, hence helping combat climate change.


Plants with organic fertilizers are of higher quality in terms of vitamins and mineral content. In turn, this results in fruits with a high sugar content that makes them taste sweeter.

Moreover, since the product isn’t loaded with toxic materials such as fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides, it’s considered very healthy. Organic farming is sustainable as it protects the environment.

Soil nourishment

Organic farming addresses key soil management concerns. Following practices such as inter-cropping, crop rotation, and extensive use of green manure helps bring damaged soil back to its original state.

Organic supplies lack the chemicals present in synthetic products that kill microbes. This helps nourish the soil and ensures crops remain rich in nutrients.

Must-Have Organic Gardening Supplies

Any real gardener needs to have these three essential Plant Doctor organic growth supplies:

Organic Compost

Organic manure and soil are probably two of the single best items you can have in your garden. The nutrient-rich soil ensures a robust and healthy root formation.

Plants with strong, healthy roots tend to fare better during a drought. They are also highly tolerant to pests.

Natural Pesticides

Rather than purchasing toxic pesticides, learn how to make your own organic pesticides and fertilizers, like using rabbit urine diluted with water. Using organic pesticides helps keep helpful insects like bees and butterflies alive.

Organic Seeds

Organic seeds are essential when used to grow vegetables. Only purchase organic seeds from certified vendors; failure to do this may lead you to grow seeds that have been contaminated with chemicals.

These chemicals will be gradually released into the rest of the garden. Consider only using organic vegetable seeds while starting your vegetable garden.

No one would love to offer their loved ones a plate of contaminated vegetables. Following proper organic practices guarantees that your family will have nothing but the best from your garden.

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