Flat Pack Furniture

Flat Pack Furniture

There’s nothing that puts more fear into me than flat-pack furniture. Staring at hundreds of pieces of wood, fixings that look like they come from the European Space Agency, and a set of obscure instructions that appear to be written in hieroglyphics!

As a man I’m supposed to be good at this stuff. Good at reading instructions, following instructions, and building things, but alas that gene seems to have skipped a generation. The last time I tried to assemble flat-pack furniture I decided I had a love/hate relationship with it. I love the furniture, but I hate putting it together.

During my last attempt to assemble flat-pack furniture it took me half an hour just to work out if the instructions were upside down! Needless to say I wont be applying for the new series of The Cube any time soon.

The furniture looked nice, and the salesman assured me it was easy “you’ll have it done in 45 minutes” he said, but 4 hours later I was still figuring out how fig.8 connected to fig.9! With the mother of all expletives I threw down my screwdriver and decided I’d had enough. Slightly embarrassing then Ill admit as my sister proceeded to assemble the rest in only 30 minutes! It probably didn’t help that I’d done the typical ‘man thing’ and tried to put it together before reading the instructions.

So it’s 2014 and my flat-mate and I decided it was time to freshen-up our pad with some new furniture. I’ve been working at National Furniture for more than 19 months now and obviously it would be my first choice. That said we still had a look around to see what was about and check out the competition.

We saw lots of really nice furniture at some well-known retailers, but were amazed at the cost! Even flat-pack furniture was hugely expensive. For the price these big name brands were charging I would have expected it to come fully assembled and ready to use, and with free delivery! But did anyone offer all this? Nope, not one! And if I wanted assembly the extra charge was so expensive it wasn’t worth the saving of buying flat-pack.

Despite my flat-mate’s insistence on needlessly shopping around rather than just buying from National Furniture, we did already have a National Furniture range in mind that we both really wanted. The Range we both liked and eventually purchased was National Furniture’s Premium Corona Dining Furniture by Core Products. The quality is second-to-none, and includes all the quality aspects you would expect including strong dovetail joints. This is great for me, as it will last a long time and wont need replacing.

Although most of National Furniture’s solid oak ranges are delivered to a room of your choice, assembled and ready to use, the Premium Corona is delivered for self-assembly. If however you don’t fancy putting it together yourself we do offer a low cost assembly service. Call for more information.

Having decided I really should know how to put together the Premium Corona we opted not to have it assembled. Delivery was quick (as one would expect from National Furniture), and the boxes neatly stacked in my living room.

The first thing that struck me was how few boxes there were. Most flat-pack furniture I have tried in the past has involved lots of numbered boxes and countless bags of fixings. After laying out each piece and carefully reading all the instructions I proceeded to put each piece of furniture together. To my amazement I even assembled it faster than the average time on the instruction sheet!

Premium Corona Dining Furniture

All-in-all I managed to put together every item of furniture with only one “well I’ve messed that bit up” and no tantrums. My biggest tip would be to simply read the instructions, which were surprisingly easy to follow. Had I done that I wouldn’t have messed anything up!

With the last item finished I stepped back to admire my handy-work with a big grin on my face as I effortlessly opened and shut the door. I couldn’t quite believe how easy it was to get the door to hang straight, a problem I often had with other flat-packs in the past.

So if you’re looking for quality low cost furniture, I truly believe that National Furniture offers the best quality, at the lowest prices. And I’m not just saying that because I work here, but because I have our furniture in my own home.

Check out the Premium Corona Dining Furniture by clicking here. The Premium Corona has a vast selection of items to suit any size home big or small and a wonderful range of dining table sizes.

See our complete collections of solid oak furniture, solid pine furniture, flat-pack self-assembly furniture, bedroom furniture, dining furniture and more.

source/credit: National Furniture

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