The New Era Of Sectional Sofas

The New Era Of Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofas are popping up more and more in current home decor. Once viewed as an oversized relic with little to offer fashion conscious households, they seem to be making a comeback. Environmentally friendly designs, new shapes and adaptable sizes make them a great fit for many modern homes and lifestyles.

Looking Back

The popularity of sectional sofas has certainly seemed to rise and fall over the decades. Often symbolic of the interior design styles of the era, the shape, placement and use of these couches has followed trends in much the same way we see fashion dictated by the reigning fads. In the 1960’s we saw the clean lines and colors of the mid-century modern movement that were present in the day’s architecture. In the 1970’s, hazy, wood-paneled basements seemed the most obvious backdrop for these jewel-toned or harvest-colored pieces.

In the 80’s and 90’s, many homes furnished living rooms and dens with the overstuffed, corduroy or velour versions. Often in neutral patterns of grays and tans, they were the perfect place for families to gather around the television for some prime time viewing. New features such as reclining seat backs, adjustable foot rests and hidden cup holders made them cozy and comfortable for families of all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, many found they were sacrificing style for seating arrangements and the behemoth sofas found themselves relegated to play rooms, basements and guest quarters in favor of more fashionable styles.

Moving Modern

Currently, we are seeing a big shift in the use of sectionals. Many families have learned that the ability to shape and shift their sofas are a huge advantage. Smaller sizes and moveable sections have made them much more adaptable to any and every household. Once an option only in larger single family homes, these seating arrangements can now be found in shapes and sizes for most living spaces. High end retailers and home design magazines often showcase options for the most elegant of spaces.

Revamped Rewards

There are many benefits of opting for a sectional sofa. Investing in a high-quality couch that can move and grow with a family is high on the list. One of the new features of these sofas is floating ottomans. These are ottomans that can be placed in the middle or on either end of the sofa, allowing a multitude of options when arranging a space. This feature allows versatility in living rooms, dens and smaller spaces. It also ensures that when the time comes for a move, the sofa can be modified for its new home.

In addition, it almost goes without saying that sectional sofas provide more than ample seating. A large number of people can settle in without sacrificing the flow of a space with random chairs and benches. Families and friends can be within chatting distance while watching a film, playing a game or simply catching up. For those who need not worry about seating space, sectionals provide a cozy, comfortable space to spread out and relax.

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