Types of Decorative Natural Stone

Types of Decorative Natural Stone

Home improvement projects are often greatly enhanced by the addition of natural stone and manufacturers have started to offer some beautiful stone options that can add a sophisticated yet natural look to any space. There are many types of stones out there that are appropriate for installation in the home that can improve a variety of designs such as the rustic appeal of slate or the sleek appearance of marble.

For new home construction or home refurbishment projects, natural stone options can provide significant visual improvement to any space and offer a sense of refinement and luxury appeal. One of the best elements of natural stone is that it is available in many colors and textures so just about any thematic and design requirement can be met with a particular type of stone.

In addition, natural stone options are also available in a wide range of different price points and this means that should someone have a limited budget to offer for purchase of natural stone, they can still include this beautiful material in their building project or refurbishment.

Different Types of Stone


The allure of granite has been significant in the past few decades as it has become quite popular for countertops in a variety of circumstances and especially in kitchens due to its extreme resistance to damage from heat and scratches.

Granite is not only amazingly durable and long-lasting, but it is also a type of stone that can offer a very luxurious appeal with its fine texture and gray color scheme. When people think of expensive, beautiful countertops, they tend to think of granite.


Utilized in building and homes since ancient times, marble is the stone which many people feel offers a classic look and feel to their home. Marble is appropriate for a number of surfaces within the home and may not only be found on the countertops in rooms such as the kitchen and bathrooms, but it is also appropriate for flooring and major installations such as fireplaces.

One of the major appeals of marble is that it is available in many different textured designs so should a home owner want a subtle design or a vibrant pattern, there is going to be a type of marble out there to suit those needs.


For one of the most colorful natural stone options out there, slate would probably fit the bill as this beautiful type of stone has been popular for an awfully long time in homes many years ago because it was simple to acquire, but also in modern times because it was available in so many different colors to suit so many different decorative projects.

Slate offers a very unique texture and appearance in colors that range from dark grays and blacks to vibrant reds and blues. There is likely a color of slate to accommodate just about every color scheme out there.


It is likely possible to compare travertine to the look of marble and this is another type of natural stone that is associated with wealth and luxury. The quarries of places like Italy have long been known for their ability to provide superior designs and patterns of travertine.

This natural stone is often preferred for elements such as paving stones and flooring as it is available in a beautiful array of browns and tan colors, which are often suitable for walkways. Travertine also matches exceedingly well most common home color schemes.

Uses for Natural Stone

Using stone in the home is often a way to enhance the elegance and design appeal present in a space and there are many different uses for stone today which are all enhanced by the specific type of natural stone that might be chosen. Areas where stone can be installed for beautiful impact within the home include:

  • A stone fireplace and hearth
  • The backsplash area of the kitchen
  • The countertops within the bathroom or kitchen
  • The floor or shower walls in the bathroom
  • Flooring throughout the home such as within the entryway or kitchen
  • Paving stones for pathways around landscaped plantings
  • A backyard patio or communal area

Maintaining the Look of Natural Stone

Most home owners who decide to install natural stone somewhere within their residence are pleased to find out that maintaining the stone and keeping it looking beautiful is fairly simple because stone is so durable and long lasting. Often a standard coat of stone sealant is all that is required to protect the surface.

Cleaning should be done on a regular basis just like vacuuming of carpets or dusting and generally requires nothing more complex than a quick sweep or washing down with water. Should dirt or mud build up on the surface, some light detergent should be enough to clean the surface.

Natural stone is one of the best building accents for any home owner because of its unique combination of long lasting beauty and stylish appeal. Installing natural stone into any area of the home will be part of a project which offers long lasting durability and enhanced design for any space.

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