4 Ways to Give Your Small Apartment an Organizational Overhaul

4 Ways to Give Your Small Apartment an Organizational Overhaul

With the current state of real estate, space has become somewhat of a hot commodity; smaller homes are becoming more and more common and, with the dwindling of available space allotted for renters and homeowners alike, this trend has brought about a complete rethinking of how it is we go about organizing our living quarters.

Indeed, storage and organizations challenges are now, more than ever, fundamental to dwelling, especially amidst the stress of compressed city living, but nevertheless, using the following four methods – particularly in tandem with storage solutions from ResCom Designs or other reliable and nuanced organization strategists – can help you to create an aesthetically-pleasing and neat home; professionals will, no doubt, maximize your space while making it an aesthetically-pleasing, as opposed to rigidly neat and stratified.

1. Shelves, Drawers, and Cabinets

Using baskets for loose items that would normally go into a drawer or on a shelf is a better way to keep organized. As far as kitchens go, hanging your mugs to create an additional row for cups or other kitchen items can be extremely beneficial. Furthermore, the use of shelf racks can create additional row spaces on your shelves. Stacking clothes, such as t-shirts, vertically rather than horizontally also is a major space-saver. Every single cabinet should be used to the best of your abilities.

2. Use Your Wall Space and Door Space

Adding bars to the inside of doors for towels, scarves, belts and more, can save up a great deal of closet space. Moreover, one ought to affix hanging organizers to doors; these can hold anything from shoes to cleaning supplies. Adding shelving to high wall spaces to hold items you do not use regularly such as old books and magazines will also effectively turn your door into its own storage space. Also, lightweight cupboards can be hung on unused, negative wall space – these can hold anything from extra towels to clothes. In the kitchen, you can add racks to the sides of cabinets to open wall spaces. Hooks, finally, are able to store nearly anything from pots and pans to spoons and box graters.

3. Maximize Your Closets

If you have a small closet, it’s best to donate any items you have not worn or used in the past year. A chain can be used to hang several pairs of slacks, skirts and shirts together. You can also use containers to store more on the floor or on high shelves. If you have high ceilings, creating more shelves and placing hooks on the wall to hang items such as backpacks and small suitcases is a game-changing technique. You can also add a second hanging rack to double your hanging options.

4. Make Use of Every Nook and Cranny

Building or buying specialty drawers are not often taken into consideration; indeed, you can design one to slide into the space next to your fridge and the wall or cupboard for pantry items, or simply build them into corners. Additionally, placing a hanging shelf on any side of your fridge that is open will save a significant amount of floor space.

One has at their disposal more organizational possibilities than expected; whether you choose custom closet designs from a professional or choose to build your own organizational units, you’ll have a highly-organized apartment in no time at all, no matter its size! Also, check out our resource regarding apartment cleaning in Chicago.

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