Home Improvements - 5 Lessons We Learned From Al And Tim

Home Improvements – 5 Lessons We Learned From Al And Tim

Accident prone Al and Tim convinced their audience that their Tool Time mayhem and mishaps where just a safety demonstration – how not to do it yourself!

However, in real life DIY situations, you don’t want to be caught out slipping up with tools that could create potentially dangerous situations and might destroy your desired product for the house! Take on board the following five lessons we can all learn from good ol’Tool Time, and use them when you’re DIY-ing your own home.

Manual labour – literally!

Tim once said a real man doesn’t need a manual. Despite his attempts to be macho and heroic in the presence of his audience and good mate Al, there were definitely a couple of hiccups when it came to DIY. Tools breaking on air when DIY tips were supposed to educate viewers was surely not what Tim had in mind when he set out to achieve a self-guided home improvement. A definite lesson from Tim is to read the manual thoroughly and get another person helping you assemble equipment to do the same. That way – you can help each other out by thinking disparately and problem solve together, which could definitely save you some frustration!

Be wise with your money

Be money efficient and bargain. If there’s anything that Al and Tim were big on – it was getting an affordable and budget friendly deal. If you have access to scrap sites where there are parts to what you wish to create (be it furniture pieces, metal or wood) you could save up to half price at these commonly independent places, rather than buying the same pricey materials from a retail warehouse. If it’s chairs and tables you want – you can use your spare change to reupholster the cushions and varnish or rub the wood back to create a vintage feel.

It’s okay to be a tool – or to have some, at least

Most importantly, when it comes to DIY, if there is something you should invest in…it’s the right tools. If you’re planning to paint the house yourself, it’s better to buy the more reputable roller and paint seeing as those you’ll be saving on the professional labour. Additionally, you can always use the equipment again further down the track if it’s built to last!

Less is more

Tim would also like to boast that ‘more power’ was needed from the tool to achieve the results. Don’t get carried away when you’re assembling with metal tools or you might overdo it and break what you intend to fix! Just like anything good occurs with time, take breaks when you get frustrated, tired, or have been working for hours so that you can perceive your progress at a distance.

DIY Haute Couture?

And finally, Al might of made a few mistakes in Tool Time, but he definitely showed us how to dress for the occasion. Flannelette shirts are surely the look to pull off when you’re moving house or renovating and repairing, to give you that authentic DIY feel!

Sarah Paige loves watching reruns of Home Improvement. Currently, she’s looking for NSW real estate with Stockland – when she finds a house, she’s sure to apply Al and Tim’s rules to her DIY endeavours.

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