Home Residential Roofing Options - Shingles vs Metal

Home Residential Roofing Options – Shingles vs Metal

Homeowners do not only need a roof over their heads just for the sake of having one. Most of them make sure that it’s a good one. This is for both convenience and protection against harsh weather conditions as some people live in locations where the seasons are not very friendly.

Some of the roofing options available include concrete, clay, green roof, EPDM rubber, Shingle, among others. For more on the various roofing options available, you can visit: https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/roofing-roundup-7-of-today-s-most-popular-choices-44499

Given that there are many available options, we can only discuss a few in this article. For this reason, we will be doing a comparison of the metal and shingle roofing options.

As you may have noticed, both options are popular among homeowners and so we will be using some yardsticks to figure out which is better.

Metal vs Shingles – Which Is Better for You?

Below are yardsticks used to determine which roofing option is better:


The Asphalt Shingles materials are sort of easy to rip apart unlike metals. As a result, when the former is exposed to extreme weather conditions and situations, they can be unreliable.

However, given the different qualities available, not all shingles are this way as some offer pressure resistance, making them able to cope under extreme situations. But by and large, the metal roofing system wins the durability race.


Even under the most conducive weather condition, which option can last much longer?

Apparently, the winner here has an edge in terms of cost value. So, on that note, metal roof outshines in this regard.

While the asphalt sheet can last for around 14 – 20 years, the metal option is likely to triple that. So, it is safer to say it should last for well over 50 years.

The reason for this enormous difference is down to the property of materials that make up both options. While shingles are asphalt, metal is what it is.

So, if you are looking for an option that will serve you for an exceedingly long time, you already know which one to choose.


Isn’t it ironic how people think metal is heavier than shingle? Well, if you have always thought the same way, that’s understandable. So, for the record, they are not as heavy as they are usually perceived. They are lighter than shingle. So, transportation and mobility are not as hard as perceived.

Reliability Under Extreme Weather Conditions

 This is a factor to consider especially if you live in places prone to unfavorable weather conditions. Be sure it would withstand harsh weather before opting for any roofing option.

Generally, metal roofs are designed and able to do better with extreme weather conditions. They can withstand heavy rain, ice, hailstorms, and other unpleasant conditions.

Because of this, there are many homes in places like Florida, Hawaii, Texas… that have successfully explored this roofing option. So, without any reasonable doubt, they are a lot better in this regard.

That being said however, this does not rule out shingles as some are designed to cope with these conditions well enough. But from a general viewpoint, metal is better.

Whichever option you go for, ensure it is of high-quality and recommended by a good roof installation company. You can visit Vista roofing to learn more about your options.


We all know the negative impact of greenhouse gases and how the inability to recycle consumer products contribute to global warming.

So, if you are very particular about an option that is eco-friendly, you can think of both options. This is because even in a bad state, they can be recycled and used to produce something else.

For instance, the asphalt component of the shingle sheet can be recycled and used for pavements. The stakes are even higher with metal. This is because they are 100 percent recyclable.

So, if you are looking for a winner (by a margin) using this yardstick, there isn’t any. Both  are great options in terms of eco-friendliness, despite being synthetic items.

Price and Cost Effectiveness

For some reason, this is a tricky yardstick to use. Why is that?

First, shingle sheets are a lot cheaper. However, this is a complete picture, judging from the cost-value stance.

While metal is way more expensive than shingle sheets, this is just about the initial cost of purchase. Eventually, it turns out be more cost effective because of its longevity and durability.

So, for this reason, the price and value yardstick will end up as a tie, as there is no clear winner.

Installer Availability and Ease of Installation

Installing a metal sheet is apparently not a stroll in the park. It requires a lot more expertise and caution. For this reason, it is harder to install. Also, this means finding an installer, especially a good one, can be pretty difficult.

So, using the installer availability and ease of installation yardstick, the winner is the shingle roofing option. This is because installation is way simpler and straightforward, allowing for many hands that can carry out the process.

Variety of Colors

It is understandable if this is not high up on your list of priorities. However, you should not rule this out as a roof should also add an aesthetic appeal to the home.

From a distance, the color of this part of the house should be appealing to the eye. If this is a major concern for you, you should know there are more color options with metals. Shingles have as well, but not as much as metals.

So again, metal wins in this regard.

Ease of Maintenance

At some point, you may have to remove debris piled up on your roof. Since it is easier to do so with a metal roof, we can conclude that the metal roof is better when it comes to maintenance.

Under severe conditions, some shingle sheets can get bad and need replacement. This does not often happen with metal roofs. For more on which option is better, you can watch this video.


In this article, we have done a comprehensive comparison of the metal and shingle roofing option. Apparently, you can now tell which is better.

Other than these yardsticks above, you also have to consider factors such as your budget, your environment, and some other issues before choosing any option.

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