Household Chemical Storage Guide Featured

Household Chemical Storage Guide

When it comes to household chemicals, how we store them can be just as important as how we use them. That’s because cleansers, deodorants, toiletries and other cleaning products can be hazardous to our health if they’re not stored properly. They can leak if stashed carelessly or be accessible to children and pets if left in the wrong places. To protect yourself and your family, it’s important to understand the correct way to handle these useful but potentially hazardous items.

One of the most important steps you can take is to see to it that all containers are correctly labeled. This could mean having to apply new labels to bottles or cans if the originals have faded or if you’ve transferred the contents to a new container.

Grouping cleaning products together in a storage caddy or basket also makes it easier to organize and keep them from falling into the wrong hands. When it’s time to throw away unwanted chemicals, you should find a local disposal site where they can be reclaimed without risk to people or the environment.

Knowing how to safely use household chemicals means understanding how and where to store them. For more helpful advice, see the accompanying guide.

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