Bathroom Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Bathroom Cleaning Tips And Tricks

Bathrooms are an integral part of the home. We all know how dirty bathrooms can get and how quickly scum and mildew can build up and even when you do clean them, there is always a fear of all the invisible germs and enemies of hygiene lurking around under the sink or behind the lavatory!

Blame it on all those TV ads that show scary monster-type animated germs just plotting to make you and your loved ones sick, but you cannot deny that maintaining good hygiene standards requires cleaning the bathroom regularly.

Cleaning tools and supplies

Begin by stocking up on the right bathroom cleaning tools and supplies. Having the proper tools in hand can make the job so much easier and your efforts will be much more effective. You will need a shower spray, rubber gloves, mop, scrub brush, toilet cleaner, disinfecting wipes, bucket, old rags and cloth for wiping surfaces down, a bleaching agent if needed and finally, a cleaning agent that is strong enough to tackle the germs but preferably also environmentally safe and friendly.

Store all your supplies and tools neatly and if possible in a small cabinet inside the bathroom or close to it. This will encourage you to clean regularly. If you can spare the time and money, consider hiring a carpenter to build a rack or cabinet especially for the bathroom so that you can store all your supplies in one place. It might be an additional expense right now, but it will be a practical and helpful investment in the long run. If you are using any dangerous or toxic chemicals for cleaning, keep them locked up and out of reach of pets and children.

Bathroom stain rings are one of the most annoying clean-up challenges we have to deal with. They are basically caused by oily residue from products like conditioners and shampoos and can leave some nasty marks on the bathtub and bathroom tiles. Dilute a little cleaning agent in some warm water, soak a rag or sponge into the solution and then scrub clean.

Home Remedy

For sinks and drains, use a solution of white vinegar and baking soda. Mix half a cup of both to get a paste and add it to the drains and rub it onto the sink. Let it stand for about thirty minutes before pouring warm water over it and cleaning it up. This will help in clearing away any clogging or blockages.

Make sure you clean the bathroom ceilings, walls and floor thoroughly. Most of us focus on the fixtures and forget to clean the structure itself, not realizing that shower spray, residue from shampoos and other products, general moisture and limited sunlight and air can leave the walls and ceilings very damp. You can use a cleaning solution or simply mix some water and vinegar in a spray bottle, spray onto the desired surface and scrub the surface down with cleaning cloth or wipes. Use a mop to wipe the floors clean.

Clean the lavatory regularly because frequent clean-ups will help maintain hygiene and the more often you do it, the less build-up there will be. Use a cleaning product from a reputable brand. And if you ever run out of a toilet cleaner, use a cup of vinegar with some baking soda mixed into it. Drain the solution into the lavatory bowl, allow it to stand for a bit and then scrub using a cleaning brush.

After cleaning, give the bathroom enough time, air and sunshine to dry up properly before you use it next.

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