Tips On How To Keep Your Rug Looking Great

Tips On How To Keep Your Rug Looking Great

There is nothing quite as uplifting and revitalizing to a room than placing a new rug in it. Although the ‘newness’ and freshness a new rug brings to a room doesn’t seem to last and before long, all those muddy footsteps that run across it, crumbs that fall on it and general wear and tear, cause a rug to lose its freshness in no time at all.

Although the good news is that there are certain ways that you can help keep a rug looking new for longer. Take a look at the following tips on how to keep your rug looking great.

Remove stains immediately

No matter how careful you and your family are around the new rug, it will, sooner or later, be exposed to spills. Whether it’s red wine, orange juice or mud from outside, cleaning a stain immediately will help reduce the severity of the mark.

Give it a quick vacuum daily

Rugs that are lay within areas that are frequently walked across will require some extra tender loving care than those that are safely hidden beneath a table for example, or in a room that isn’t used as often.

In order to help your rug maintain it’s ‘just out of the show room’ appearance, give it a quick vacuum every day. Vacuuming up dust and other unwanted debris from shoes will help a carpet looking like new. If you do see to your horror your child’s strawberry-flavored ice-lolly slowly slip off the stick and onto the rug below then in order for the damage to be as minimal as possible, make sure you clean it up as quickly as possible. Removing all traces of the stain with hot water and detergent before it has chance to dry will help your rug look newer for longer.

Place padding underneath it

Some rugs come with padding underneath it, which helps to protect the carpet and increase its longevity.  If your rug does not have such padding intact, it is advisable to buy a rug pad, which will not only increase its life expectancy but will also help prevent the rug from slipping when it is walked over.

Check for bug infestations

Bugs and insects can be the worse culprits in making a rug look shabby way before it’s due to. Eliminate this risk by checking for any tell-tale signs such as small holes in certain areas in the rug. If you suspect an infestation, clean the carpet with a pest control treatment for carpets and then vacuum it regularly.

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