In-ground Or Above-ground Pools - A Comparison

In-ground Or Above-ground Pools – A Comparison

The scorching heat of summer and the dryness of the harsh weather can be hard to tackle. It can leave people sad, depressed, and irritated. The best option to relax is to sit by the pool but less than 11 million homes in the US have a pool.

Stated by a pool plastering company in Houston, If you do not already have a pool, consider installing one. It can add value to your house and serve as a center of attraction.

In this article, we’ll look at the two most common pool options: in-ground and above-ground. Let’s compare the two:


Above-ground pools cost less than in-ground pools. However, the overall cost depends on a variety of factors including:

  • The materials used.
  • The size of the pool.
  • The company hired to do the job.

The average in-ground pool costs about $20,000, whereas the average above-ground pool only costs about $3,000.


It takes around 24 hours of work to finish an above-ground pool. It is much easier to install than an in-ground pool and you might not even require professional help to do so. Above-ground pools are sort of DIY projects. In fact, they can be portable, too.

You will, however, need professionals to install in-ground pools. They can take about a month to finish and require the use of heavy machinery and equipment.


In-ground pools are more valuable. They are not only more durable but also add to the value of your house. Above-ground pools, however, offer little returns when compared to in-ground pools.


This is where in-ground pools win. You can choose different designs based on the material and available space. However, choosing a unique design can add up to the cost. It is important to discuss this aspect with the installer in detail to avoid surprises.

On the other hand, above-ground pools are available in limited designs. Most are round, over, or square in shape.


In-ground pools can last for 50 to 100+ years if kept well maintained. The maintenance often includes timely repairs and daily cleaning. You might need to do some pool remodeling every once in awhile too, to keep it up to date.

Speaking of cleaning, in-ground pools are easier to clean than above-ground pools. They usually have larger filters and pumps that make it easy to do the job. However, maintenance also depends on factors such as the material used to construct the pool.

Concrete, for example, is costly to maintain when compared to vinyl.

On the other hand, above-ground pools can last for 10-20 years and ask for little maintenance. This is because they retain less water compared to in-ground pools.

You will, however, need to perform proper cleanings to ensure they remain safe.


Above-ground pools are safer than in-ground pools. This is why above-ground pools are said to be more suitable for children. However, with proper care and maintenance, in-ground pools can also be safe.

You need to ensure there’s no algae or slippery surface. Plus, decking material should be taken care of, too.

The Bottomline

All in all, both options are good. Pick one that suits you the best.

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