Average Fiberglass Pool Prices

Average Fiberglass Pool Prices

Buyer Beware!

Installing a fiberglass pool can be compared to purchasing a car. There is a basic price for the whole unit, and then each option that is added on costs you more money. According to River Pools and Spas, prices range from $10,000 to $19,000 for a Small Fiberglass Pool Shell (26’ or less length), $13,000-$20,000 for a Medium Fiberglass Pool Shell (27’-34’ length), and $15,000-$27,000 for a Large Fiberglass Pool Shell (35’ or more length).

  • A basic install includes the pool shell, shipping, the pump/filtration system, excavation, backfill, and the water to fill the pool. Most pools average $25,000-$45,000 in price (not including any special options). A basic install plus concrete includes everything in the basic install as well as the concrete patio around the pool (generally 400-800 square feet around the pool), and typically cost $23,000-$50,000.
  • A Turn Key includes a Basic Install plus Concrete and adds fencing and electrical costs, and can cost $35,000-$75,000. Other options such as automatic pool covers, salt chlorine generators, pool Security Covers, heat pumps, waterline/perimeter tile, retaining walls, custom water features, diving boards, handrails and ladders, extra concrete or decorative decking, mosaic inlays, colored pool finishes, and pool lights.
  • The average size of a swimming pool is 18’ x 36’. Wiki Answers recommends added pool lighting and spa options, because although they may cost more in the beginning, the maintenance of the pool will be much easier, algae will not be able to grow if the surface of the liner stays smooth, and a fiberglass pool shell generally carries a warranty of at least 25 years if it is well taken care of. Thus, a lot of money will be saved in the long run.
  • Wiki Answers also recommends adding a thermal heater, since the pool water will stay warm longer because it is kept at a higher temperature with use of the heater’s solar blanket to collect solar heat. Prospective pool buyers are strongly urged to choose adding a salt chlorinator, although only if they know how to use it properly. It is vital to maintain the correct chemical balance in the pool water. Price ranges for pools vary quite a bit.
  • There are other choices besides fiberglass available, such as vinyl, concrete/gunite, or above ground. Vinyl liners do cost less initially, which may be attractive if budgeting is an issue. In the pool industry, however, a vinyl pool liner is not viewed as a permanent structure, and it is considered a “short-term solution to a long-term investment.” Fiberglass liners last longer, and save on the annual chemical cost due to their lower maintenance.
  • Concrete/gunite pools usually have about the same initial cost as fiberglass pools. There is a big difference, though, in long-term costs associated with concrete/gunite pools. They typically need to be re-plastered every 8-12 years, which runs at $6,000-$10,000. There is also a seasonal difference on chemical and maintenance expenses, and these pools need a lot of scrubbing, wall brushing, and acid washing.
  • They are prone to discoloration and tend to have a rough feeling on their surfaces, and are not popular among educated consumers. Above ground pools have become more available during recent years since large retailers such as Wal-Mart began selling them.
  • These pools are very inexpensive, costing $100-$800, and are of the “set and fill” variety, usually manufactured by Intex. Typically, they last one to three summers before they need to be replaced. More permanent above ground pools are sold by swimming pool companies, who usually have two pricing components involved.
  • One is just the above ground pool kit and does not include the installation of the pool, and averages $1500-$4500. Generally the pool will last longer and will cost more as more resin and less metal is in the pool itself. Installation costs are $1000-$3000 and depend on the size and type of the pool. Oval-shaped pools tend to cost more, both to install and for the kit.

Other above ground pool options can be found on the market, such as rectangular swimming pools, the most well-known of which is by Kayak Pools. Rectangular pools typically have an installation price over $10,000 because they almost always have a wrap-around deck, which is necessary for structural support.

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