The Many Perks Of Installing Swimming Pool Covers

The Many Perks of Installing Swimming Pool Covers

Majority of pool owners prefer to invest in covers when they shut down their pools for the wintertime. But why are safety covers so successful? Safety is the influential factor, but these covers provide a manifold of ulterior benefits as well.

If you have a swimming pool, then there is nothing better than being able to just jump in it whenever mood strikes, RIGHT? This is only possible with a pool cover.

No Pool is Complete Without a ‘Pool Cover’

Installing a pool cover is a highly effective way to keep your swimming pool free from debris.

Gone are the days of using cumbersome swimming pool nets every few days to clean the pool. Fortunately, there are a variety of options available when it comes to choosing pool covers.

Pool covers can be installed on a wide range of swimming pools having different designs and sizes. A pool cover restricts algae growth and reduces contamination.

Do you know the benefits of installing pool covers? If no, then this blog will help you know the same.

Lesser Chances of Flow Blockages

Pool cover reduces the leaf litter. Not only it reduces the number of times emptying your automatic cleaner, but also lessens the load on your filter and pumps.

Reduced Chlorine Consumption

Chlorine – one of the water sanitizers which degrades in UV light. So, pool covers reduce the amount of UV hitting the water, means less consumption of chlorine.

Less energy is used by the chlorinator if the pool has salty water. The use of liquid chlorine leads to the less consumption of it, saving your time in refilling.

Investment Returns

Reduced evaporation conserves water and lowers the use of chemicals. With the heat kept in, dirt and debris out, your pool will last longer.

Pool enclosures not only cleans the pool but also reduces the maintenance costs.

Slows Down Evaporation

Loss of water due to evaporation is substantial. If in case water level drops below the height of the skimmers due to evaporation quickly damages it.

So, Installing pool covers are one of the best ways to prevent precious pool water from evaporating into the air.  You no longer have to worry for putting the hose in the pool to top up the level of water.

Keeps Your Children Safe

Do You have small children at your place and worrying about having a pool? If so, Then no need to worry.

The automatic pool cover restricts your child’s unplanned access to the pool even when you are not around. Ultimately, it is a perfect safety barrier every pool owner should have.

Lesser Leaf Load

Leaves that come on the surface of the cover always remains dry and often blow off again. If in case they don’t, then when you cab remove the cover and they can easily be collected by the skimming net.

Lesser the amount of leaves in the pool means your automatic cleaner can take some respite.

Reduced Flow Blockages

Flow blockages affect the functioning of filter and chlorinator which results in poorer water quality. This further leads to extra loads on the pool pumps resulting in equipment failures.

With pool covers, leaves remain on the top of it and don’t end up in your skimmer basket. This restrains them from causing flow blockages if left unattended.

Helps swimming pool retain heat

Loss of heat is reduced by covering a heated swimming pool.

Have you ever swum in the chilly pool? The one who has swum in a chilly pool only knows the importance of warm water while swimming.

Convenient Cost

Pool covers restrict the entry of dirt in the pool. This leads to reduced operational costs and proper functioning of filtration systems. Keeping your pool covered saves your pool’s maintenance cost.

This is a perfect way to extend your swimming season and protect your pool the whole year.

Extended pool use

Elongate the pool season with pool covers! As the covers improve the water temperature, you can use your pool for a prolonged duration of time.

Raises water temperature by 2 to 5 degrees holding the season of use. They are the excellent counterpart for electric heat pumps and solar heating considering they reduce heat dissipation up to 70%. The water is kept in ideal condition during the year.


They provide the client with the best security and peace of mind. Because the pool is securely sealed so subsequently abrupt falls or accidents of children and pets are averted.

Protection covers are semi-permeable which concedes water and light to pass through the element. This feature saves you bucks on water bills.

i.e the snow dissolves into the pool in the springtime season which allows you to invest little or no money refueling it when you open the pool. Plus, you’ll save on the time it takes to refill the pool.

The shortcoming? The light that barges inside may promote algae germination and the pool may look a bit green when you open it but this can be resolved in a  few days.

The right-hand rule for protection cover purchasers is to “Lock late, revealed early”. That way there’s less time for algae to develop and you’ll have a greater likelihood of having cleaner water. The advantages greatly outweigh this scanty impediment.

Safety covers offer a notable amount of advantages, as well as peace of mind, for equipment owners. It’s no admiration why more and more pool owners choose to switch to safety covers-and they don’t regret it.

In a nutshell

So, if you have a swimming pool at your place, it is important to consider pool cover. Not only retractable pool covers increase the property value but enhances its beauty.

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