Natural Gas Furnaces Vs Heat Pumps

Natural Gas Furnaces Vs. Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have been all the rage for the last 15 years. They have replaced gas furnaces in a lot of old homes during those 15 years. Why is that? They do provide exceptional heating and even cooling for homes and businesses.

But they cost a lot of money up front.

We had this decision to make when my wife and I bought our old 1950’s home in Victoria, BC, Canada. It already had a gas furnace in the basement. Sure oil prices are high and that was the main reason we thought about replacing it for a heat pump.

Considering we just spent over $450, 000 on the home, we weren’t quite sure we could spend another $10, 000 on a heat pump.

Not sure what to do, we called Red Blue Heating and Refrigeration to see what they suggested. We were a bit surprised they didn’t try to sale us on why a heat pump was better. That’s because I think we explained our financial situation to them.

I personally think was smart marketing. Too many times during my life I have been sold too when I didn’t really need the product the salesperson was pushing. I’ve walked away from those situations feeling disappointed and knowing I would never return to that business.

I didn’t feel that way after talking to the guys at Red Blue. There might be a day when we need to get a heat pump and if that day comes you can sure bet I’ll call them.

But back to why gas furnaces are a great alternative to heat pumps.

1. Cost of operation

Natural gas is a cheaper alternative than gas and because our gas furnace is natural gas, it’s going to be cheaper than operating a heat pump which runs of electricity.

2. Environmental Impact

Heat pumps are being pushed as eco-friendly. But they still require electricity. And what runs power plants? Gas. Natural gas is much better for the environment than gas.

3. Cold Climates

Heat pumps have to work extra hard in cold climates. This means a rising cost to your electricity bill. That’s because it is taking air from outside, which is very cold, heating it up and pushing inside your home. But a gas furnace is already inside your home and doesn’t need to change the temperature of the air.

Overall we are more than happy with our decision in sticking with a natural gas furnace. We did think the heat pump would be great in the summer as it takes the air from inside the home and spits in outside. But during the summer we’ll be sure to open our windows to cool the house.

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