What are The Types and Uses of Industrial Fans for Companies

What are The Types and Uses of Industrial Fans for Companies

Industries are one of the places where the air should always be clean inside. The frequent release of dirty or chemical filled air into the area may cause many types of breathing disorders and also some problems that are mainly related to lungs. Hence, many industrial fans were introduced so as to help the workers do their job in a clean and non polluted air filled environment.

Types of Industrial Fans

The manufacturing industries have come up with different types of fans that can be easily fit in any available space. The types are listed below.

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans can boost up any required amount of air pressure and hence are used in the areas that require easy and high pressure of airflow, both inside and outside the room. These fans are most commonly used in the industries that build ventilation systems, automobiles and also the central heating system.

The fan uses the mechanism of rotating impellers to increase the pressure in the air produced from the wings. This pressure can easily remove any smell or bad air and also the dangerous gases. This fan is the strong equipment that is durable, reliable and do not make any noise.

Cooling Fans

Cooling fans are one of the types of industrial ventilators that are used to circulate the fresh air in the rooms. These fans are mainly used in radiators, heat and cool air exchangers, air-cooling steam condensers, mechanical wet cooling towers and other such cooling units.

The cooling fans are best suited for big spaces to easily circulate enough cool air into the area and hence are mainly used in the huge chilling units. These fans can be mounted on the walls or ceilings, workstations or even onto the machines as per the user’s requirement. Some models can be easily fit with the wheels so as to move them to the desired area without any complications.

Axial Fans

Axial fans are one of the types of industrial fans that are usually used in the large areas that require constant and heavy air flow. These are mainly employed in environmental protection units, power stations and high-speed locomotive units.

There are different kinds of axial fans available in the markets and each type is designed by the manufacturing industries in such a way that they can fulfill all the requirements of the industries. The types include:

  • Variable Pitch Axial Fans – for mining industries.
  • High-temperature Axial Fans – for the convection furnaces
  • Vane Axial Fans – to boast the high pressure

Misting Fans

This is one of the types of ventilator otherwise called industrial ventilators, which emit mist, along with cool wind to ward off the dust on the machines besides providing cool breeze. The misty air make the dust wet and hence prevent them from being inhaled.

There are many types of mechanical and industrial fans belonging to a variety of sizes and shapes introduced by the manufacturing industries so as to fulfill all their needs. These fans are available either in fully assembled way or in different pieces. You can easily bring together the pieces by following the instructions that are available in the manual.

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