An Introduction to Ducted Heating

An Introduction to Ducted Heating

Do you long for a cozy and warm house during winters? Of course, we all do. Ducted heating is an innovative way to warm up your entire house. Ducted heating system creates heat at the central or main heating unit or element and then, distributes it trough duct networks. The ducts can warm any number of rooms in your home. In other words, there’s a central heating unit that is connected to numerous ducts or outlets that are positioned across your home strategically, in the ceiling or floor.

There are different ways to heat a home, including installing heaters, furnace and insulation. But, ducted heating is one the best ways to heat your home. With a ducted heating system, there’s no need to cuddle up near the fireplace or heater, as all the rooms can be warm simultaneously. Whether you want to relax and watch in your living room, or take a quick power nap, the rooms are always warm and cozy for you. This is probably the key advantage of going with ducted heating.

Basically, the heating unit takes air from your home into a return air vent. It is then sent to the heater for warming and once warm, it is distributed to each and every room through the outlets. The warm gentle air from the ducts makes your rooms warm and cozy. Ducted gas heating is considered more economical as natural gas is used in the heat-exchanging unit. Besides, the emissions from ducted gas heating are very less as compared to other heating units. With natural gas as your fuel, you can also save a lot on fuel costs.

In a ducted heating system, a thermostat is installed in the home’s living area. This helps determine the temperature and when it is lower than desired, heater cycle is signaled to switch on or off automatically and desired temperature is this maintained at all times. Besides, some ducted heating systems come with a feature called zoning, which lets you choose when you want specific rooms heated. Using this feature, you can keep the living areas warm during the day and your bedrooms warm at night. This feature can save more fuel in the longer run. Worried about the combustion byproducts in a ducted has heating system? Don’t worry; they’re all expelled safely using a flue.

Though there are different options with ducted heating, using gas is by far the cheapest option out there. With hiking electricity rates and a green-living drive, gas is not only a greener option; it is also cheaper than other methods. Besides, you have control on how much warmth you want and when, and your eyes won’t be dried out, as these units flow in gentle and warm air. Irrespective of the weather outside or blackouts, your ducted heating systems will work when powered with gas. Not only is a heating system a good add-on for your home, it also increases the value of your home should you decide to flip it later.

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