Plants That Does Exceptionally Well in Aquaponics Garden

Exceptional Plants For Aquaponic Gardens

Aquaponics has been quite popular these days. More and more people want to know about it and set it up at home. The configuration system of Aquaponics is very simple.

You just need a fish tank, a water pump, a few grow media for the plants, and the types of plants you want to grow. A lot of plants do well in aquaponics gardens and some do exceptionally well. However, it is difficult to decide on the right plant for Aquaponics as there are various factors that might impact your decision.


You can begin your journey of aquaponics gardening with lettuce. This plant is highly suggested for beginners. This is because they grow faster in the water-based garden and it is easy to plant them. There are two ways of planting them. You can either select the direct seedling option or the Aquaponics seed bed option. Or, grow the seedling separately in the seed germination tray. The first method is preferred as it prevents seed loss.


Water-based systems work best with this plant. You can easily set the temperature and the sunlight required. The downside is that these plants are more prone to pests and bugs, plus they don’t leave the plant easily.


Another fast-growing plant in the water-based garden is Watercress. Not only does it grow faster, but it also has the ability to multiply at an unbelievable rate. Get just one plant and soon it will multiply into many. You should only choose this plant if you can consume it. This is because if you can’t, there is a possibility that it will clog the grow bed.


Probably, for Aquaponic gardening, there can be nothing better than Cucumber plants. The reason is that cucumber plants need a lot of humidity and get enough of it in water-based gardens. While growing them what you need to be careful about is their roots. Their roots grow very long and might block things like pipes and siphons.

It is also advised to plant them either separately in another setup or keep a distance of 30cm to 60cm from the rest of the plants if using the same setup. This is because they have a tendency of holding nitrogen, which might cause trouble for their cohabitant.


Cauliflowers are very popular because they require low maintenance. They don’t attract bugs or pests, making them an apt choice for beginners in Aquaponics gardening.

Cauliflowers can’t survive direct sunlight or frost. In such a case, you can cover their head with leaves. You can find them ready to harvest in around 2 months.


Another plant on the list that does exceptionally well in Aquaponics is cabbage. It is easy to maintain, still, it is not recommended for beginners. You need to take care of temperature and pH balance. Especially when it is in the seedling stage, the temperature has to be a little warmer than its mature stage. Besides, you also have to be careful about the aphids, pests, or fungus, which are common in this plant.

During their growth, it tends to split, and when it does, dirt or germs might enter through it, therefore, always stay watchful.


Strawberries are fruits that everyone likes to eat and therefore it is a good choice to have them in your water-based garden. But this is not the only reason why you should opt for this plant. It is an excellent plant for Aquaponics also because it can be grown throughout the year. No matter what the temperature outside it never stops growing.

If you want to enjoy a lot of strawberries, you will need to have a lot of those plants. Every single plant will not necessarily produce strawberries frequently.

The best part is these plants don’t need much space. Unlike other plants, they can be planted in tubs, baskets, or floating raft systems. Next, they don’t demand extensive care, which means even beginners can try to grow them. Possibly, this is the reason why in many countries people are adopting Aquaponics to grow strawberries. In fact, in many countries, this form of agriculture has changed people’s dining scene.


Apart from what is listed above, there are many other suitable plants for water-based gardens like peas, basil, mint, parsley, carrots, spinach, and a lot more. Choose plants as per your requirements and the maintenance level you can offer to them.

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