Top 3 Reasons For Choosing Mastic Vinyl Siding Over Any Other Options Every Time

Top 3 Reasons For Choosing Mastic Vinyl Siding Over Any Other Options Every Time

The exteriors of your home are just as important for the overall fashion of your homes as the interiors. However, often people just think about the functionality when choosing different features for their home exteriors. If you are investing in a home remodeling project right now, consider Mastic Vinyl Siding for your homes. They are the ultimate balance between fashions for your homes while providing high value in functionality. Here are the top 3 reasons why your home remodeling project will inevitably remain lacking without the use of such vinyl siding.

The Sheer Variety of Choices

Mastic has launched a sheer variety of vinyl siding lines, keeping in mind different tastes, requirements and other factors that affect the performance of these products. Some of the more popular choices include:

  • The cedar vinyl siding line – They are the perfect match of traditional looks of wood and enhanced durability of Vinyl.
  • The Structure insulated line – They have an energy-star qualification based on their incredible weather protection for your homes.
  • The quest Signature line- One of the strongest products in this vinyl siding lineup, the quest products are harshest weather resistant. They are also certified with Mastic’s Breathe Easy technology assurance. The product does not produce fine silica dust, which is directly related to an increasing occurrence of lung issues.
Mastic Vinyl Siding

Inspired Color Options

The brand has excelled in providing a wide palette of Mastic Vinyl Siding colors and textures for their clients to choose from. So if you are looking for a combination of strength and beauty, look for choice product lines such as the Charleston Beaded collection. The line offers a range of 14 colors starting from Silver Grey, running all the way through to Pebblestone Clay. You can also choose the Mastic Carvedwood line. These are available in traditional color choices such as Montana Suede, Russet Red, and Sandstone. This line is also sustainable and you can recycle the sidings after a period.

Quality Assurance by the Brand

Each product under the Mastic lines come protected with the brand assurance of quality. You can find various quality assurances such as The Hand- Tough technology. This makes the panels incredibly strong against thermal distortion and resistant to any cracking. Almost all of the Mastic products are built with an environment friendly approach. They can be recycled. They do not need any paintwork or stains, so you do not have to worry about releasing any harmful VOCs in your immediate surroundings. All Mastic Vinyl Siding products come with a lifetime warranty protecting against any damages to your homes forever.

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