Top Most Electrician Safety Tips

Top Most Electrician Safety Tips

A cavalier attitude and lack of safety can prove disastrous for electricians. Not only are you placing yourself in potential harm, but you are also putting those around you at risk. The simple fact is that being an electrician is a dangerous job and you have to do all you can to keep yourself and others safe. Professionals like Static Electricians follow the rules scrupulously because they know just how dangerous electricity can be. One thing you should always keep in mind is that electricity is always on the lookout for the shortest path to the ground, and if you’re not careful, that path can be through you. The results of electrical shock can be pretty devastating even if they don’t lead to death, so beware and be prepared.

Here are some of the top safety tips for electricians, the ones the big guys like Static Electricians use:

1. Protect yourself

If you happen to be out in the field and you’re doing an installation or repair, be sure you wear the proper safety gear. Take the time to put it on. It could make all the difference. Also, as long as your at it take another minute and go through a short check list for safety that can help make sure you will walk away from the job unharmed.

2. No shortcuts

Another excellent safety tip for electricians which the pros like Static Electrics know is don’t cut corners when you’re doing a job. Your reputation and that of the company you work for is on the line. Even if a job takes longer than you estimated, give it your best and take your time. Accidents happen when you’re in a hurry and sacrifice quality and safety. It isn’t worth it.

3. Use tools with rubber handles

Make it a habit to always use tools that have rubber handles, because rubber lowers conductivity.

4. Power tools

If you’re going to be using power tools, tape the plugs to the sockets to be certain they’re secure. Also, never, under any circumstances use power tools a near running or standing water.

5. Rubberized gloves

If you are going to be working with or near high-voltage electrical systems, take the precaution of wearing rubberized insulating gloves underneath thick protector gloves.

6. Safety glasses

The bottom line is wear them. If you are in a situation that requires them always put them on. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

7. Protective boots

When you are going to be working at a construction or remodeling site, put your protective boots on and keep them on. The pros like Static Electrics realize how important this can be.

Now some of these safety suggestions may seem elementary, but you’d be surprised how often even experienced professionals ignore them. Don’t be one of the statistics. Keep yourself safe and your future bright by taking these precautions. No one’s ever regretted taking measures to stay safe, but many have been left wishing they had done so.

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