Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Small Patio Decorating Ideas on a Budget

If you have a small patio and you want to be able to really enjoy the space there are some pallet furniture ideas that can help you get out of your patio what you want. Pallets are a great option for creating everything from a lounge to a dining table.

Pallets are readily available and you can often find them for free. They are durable and easy to work with so anyone can take advantage of these pallet furniture ideas.

As a Table

Every patio needs a space to sit with a coffee and maybe a snack. A pallet makes a great table surface and if you have two pallets you can use one for the surface of the table and the other one can be cut in half to create a base for the pallet.

All you need is the two pallets and a few screws. Of course you will want to sand the pallets because they have rough finishes usually to rid them of any splinters. You can also use some stain and some polyurethane to give them a nice finish.

Cut one pallet in half and attach each half to a side of the other pallet. You can stand your pallet table upright to stain and poly it.

As Chairs

Making pallet chairs for your patio is just as easy. All you need is a pallet or two and some legs (that you can buy at any home improvement store). Attach the legs to the bottom of one of the pallets than attach the other pallet to the back to form a chair. You can add some cushions and pillows to make a great place to sit and relax.

A Lounge

Even if you have a very small patio you have room for a pallet lounge. They are super easy to construct. Three pallets, two for the base and one for the back and you have a pallet lounge, add some cushions and pillows and it is a great place to rest and read.

The Floor

Pallet furniture ideas are not limited to the furniture. You can make a great pallet floor but using as many pallets as you need to cover the square footage of your patio. A pallet floor makes your patio feel more like an outdoor room than just a patio. Of course you can sand and stain your pallet patio floor in any color you choose.

Other Pallet Furniture Ideas

There are some really great ideas for pallet uses like constructing a pallet work bench or a pallet shelf system. Pallets are great for outdoor use because they are easy to build with-most of the work is already done for you. They are durable and in most cases you can find them for free.

Before you head out to buy new furniture for your small patio consider making your own with easy to follow pallet furniture ideas. There is nothing more satisfying then being able to say you did it yourself!

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