When Its Time to Call Denver Roofing Professionals

When It’s Time to Call Denver Roofing Professionals

Proper roof maintenance and repair is one of the most important aspects of home ownership, but many homeowners often do not take care of roof problems until it is too late. Allowing roof damage to accumulate not only adds to the eventual cost of repair but can also create stress. Try to avoid allowing a small problem to become a large one by contacting a roofing professional.

Generally, a roof that has been properly installed less than 15 years ago will not need more than occasional repairs. If your roof is older, or you have not kept up on maintenance, you might need a full replacement. It is best to leave roof diagnosis to the professionals, but it is also important that you know when you need to contact the professionals as well.

Age of your roof

Whether you purchased your home with an older roof, or you put in your roof a while ago, 20 years is about the amount of time when you can see the effects of damage or neglect. Even if you do not see that there are problems, it is important to call a roofing contractor after 20 years of use for a consultation. This is because a licensed contractor can properly inspect your roof for damage, and let you know the steps you should take.

One specific sign of aging happens due to accumulated moss. This is because it can hold water on your roof, which leads to your roof possibly rotting. This leads to sun damage which can damage shingles. Moss should always be scraped off your roof with a brush, but it is best to call a roofing contractor. Roofing contractors not only have the proper tools and equipment but will also help you avoid further damage to your roof and clear up any additional issues such as mold or mildew.

Buckling or curling shingles

If you happen to see that your shingles are curled or are buckling, then you need to take this as a major sign to replace your roof. Curling and buckling shingles will end up cracking and falling off the roof with age. Continued exposure to the elements such as rain, wind, hot and dry temperatures will only make matters worse. Always make sure to check your gutters for pieces of shingles which can be a sign that they are deteriorating.

Another good method that can make you aware of if your shingles are buckling is to look at where the sun generally shines the longest. This is because shingles can be damaged by strong sun rays. Examining your shingles in this method will give you a good idea of when to contact a roofing professional to look at your roof for replacement or repair, before they fall off.

Missing or cracked shingles

High winds, rain, or heavy snow are all experienced at some point during the year in Denver. It is during these storms that it can be easy for nails in your roof to come out, which will cause shingles to possibly crack or even fall out.

Another sign to look out for is if you live in an area that has large squirrel populations. This is due to homes in squirrel populations often experiencing premature shingle damage.  Squirrels can burrow under or within your shingles, and if you have ever found shingles on the ground around your home, then you should contact a roofing professional to decide the best option for your roof.

Daylight streams

For homes with an attic, it is important to check if you see any daylight streaming through the roof boards. If you do, then you will need to contact a roofing professional immediately. Additionally, you should also check for any moisture in the insulation. This can be due to humidity or rain, but it is important because it can turn to mold and needs to be replaced if so.

Another sign that you may need immediate action by a roofing professional is if you see water stains on your ceiling or walls. This means that there is water leaking through your roof and they can cause major damages if not spotted early enough. To avoid very expensive repairs, contact your roofing contractor immediately.

Roof valleys

Roof valleys run up and down the folds of your roof, are made from metal and are in the shape of a V. These channels are designed for runoff water to drain, but it can often degrade over time due to leaf debris and strong weather.

In some situations, water gets trapped under shingles that are overlaid to create the roof valley. Your licensed contractor will let you know if you have any trees around your home that can cause more damage to your roof valley as well.

Flashing on your chimney, vent, or skylight

Flashing is a material that can be placed on a chimney, vents, or in a skylight and secures the connection to make it watertight. In older homes, flashing is often made of roofing material or tar. Sheet metal flashing has become more popular in recent years for being durable, but it is at risk to lose its effectiveness over time.

If you experience any sign of leaky flashing in your chimney, vent, or skylight, it is important to have a roofing professional come and check it out. If you do not, you might incur water damage and have a larger cost in the end for repairs.

Preventative measures

In the end, taking preventative measures is the best way to avoid unnecessary repair costs. Regularly scheduled maintenance and services are the best ways that you can protect your roof and extend the life of your roof investment. If any of the above warning signs occur, it is very important to have your roof checked as soon as possible. Let Integrity Building & Roofing, Denver roofing professionals, help you preserve the quality of your roof and home for many years to come.

Last updated: December 03, 2021

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