3 Spillages That Can Ruin Your Home Flooring

3 Spillages That Can Ruin Your Home Flooring

Whatever flooring type you have in your home it is dreadful when someone spills something on it. It can be quite challenging keeping your home flooring clean, tidy and stain free for a long periods of time. Depending on what type of flooring you have, some spillages can be a lot worse than others. If possible you should try and get a protective coating on your flooring.

There are some spillages that can do permanent damage to your flooring, to know what these are read on:

Burn Marks

If you like to light candles in your home on a regular basis, it is important that you are always extra careful around them. Not only is it extremely dangerous if you knock them over, but they can also do a lot of damage to the walls and flooring in your home.

The wet wax that is created by the heat of the flame is incredibly sticky; if a candle is knocked over and the wet wax spills out on to the floor then you are going to have a big problem cleaning it up. It will be especially worse if you spill it onto a carpet as it will attach into the fibers of the carpet staining the color of it. The flame of the candle also proves to be a problem to your flooring, if it is knocked onto the floor then the flame may catch alight, whatever flooring you have this is can cause irreparable damage.

You should also be extra careful if you have someone who smokes in your home, the ash that comes from the cigarette still has lit ambers in it and if it comes into contact with your flooring it can leave a burn mark.

Red Wine

Red wine can be extremely damaging, this is because of how strong it is. If you do spill any red wine, it is important that you clean it up immediately; if you leave it to soak in then it is likely that you are never going to be able to remove it. As it is so strong, it is advised that you should use a strong cleaning agent to try and remove it before it stains. You may want to use a well known brand such as vanish cleaning action or use a small water and bleach mix and then dab it up.

Mud and Dirt

Mud and dirt may not seem like a big stain causer to the flooring in your home, but trust me it is, especially if you have carpet. Many people will advise visitors to remove their shoes as they come into the house, this is to prevent any mud and dirt staining the carpet. If people walk in mud and dirt on a regular basis then it is likely going to cause a very big problem. To remove this type of stain you are going to need a carpet cleaner, this will suck up all the dirty from out of the carpet, keeping it clean and fresh.

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