Wallpaper Tiles Paint How To Decide What To Use

Wallpaper, Tiles And Paint – How To Decide What To Use?

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If you are in the middle of decorating your home then you are going to have to make some very difficult decisions. If you are now onto the step of deciding how to decorate your walls, you only have three real options, this is to either paint them, tile them or wallpaper them. The decision is not as difficult as you suspect it will be as each of these techniques is preferred in certain rooms of the house.


In the past years wallpapering was the most popular option when it comes to decorating the walls in your home; this is because it was seen as a stylish and modern technique. As the years went on, it did start to look a little hectic, this was because of the amount of patterns used on the wallpaper.

In recent years wallpaper has yet again become a big favorite; however we have learnt how to use it properly this time. Rather than wallpapering every single wall in the home with patterns, it is advised that you should only choose one main wall for the pattern. For the rest of the walls you should choose a plain neutral color, this keeps things looking stylish and sophisticated.

Wallpaper is favored in the lounge, dining room and the bedroom; this is because you really get a chance to show off your style to visitors.


Most people will choose not to paint the walls in their home; this is because you also need to wallpaper the walls with lining paper before you even get a chance to start painting. This makes the job very long, difficult and expensive; this is why people usually opt to just wallpaper the main room of their house instead.

However it is not really suitable to use wallpaper in the kitchen and the bathroom, so this is where paint in more popular. If you decided to wallpaper the bathroom and kitchen, you would find that it wouldn’t last very long. The moisture in the air will start to make the wallpaper peel away from the walls in a short amount of time.


To add extra detail to your kitchen and bathroom you can get some wall tiles. They are mostly used on the walls of the shower and around the sink area; this is because tiles are a lot more durable compared to paint. If you do not want to find yourself repainting the walls every other month, then you a better off choosing tiles as an alternative for this small area.

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