Home Decor Facts You Should Know

Home Decor: Facts You Should Know

There are plenty of wholesale home decor stores. Buying from these stores is better as they are much feasible. Moreover, you also get a splendid variety of options to choose from. Here are few guidelines to help you buy home decor items from wholesale stores.

  1. Write down the list of home decor items. Consider the theme of each room and ways by which you can elevate the overall appearance. Make a separate list of home accessories – wall hangings, candles, mat, statues, flowers etc.
  2. Calculate a rough estimate of the expense.
  3. Search for online home decor dealers. Here, you will get a wide array of home furnishings and accessories. Reputable home decor dealers offer wholesale prices along with free shipping service.
  4. Search for wholesale decor offline stores. Inquire if these have fixed timings for retail purchases. You can find the details of wholesale offline stores in yellow pages or internet.
  5. Many wholesale home decor clubs are present. Here, you can find home decor items at discounted prices. Note: often businesses sell their unused decor items and accessories in these stores. As a result, you can find slight blemishes in these products. So just, be careful before you buy any product from here. Look for any type of deformity.
  6. For several home decor items, you will have to visit a store that only deals with them. For example, outdoor blinds awnings are best available in stores that only deal with blind designs. Here you will get good quality at affordable rate.

Home accessories

When you shop for home accessories, you can see a plethora of options. Such an extensive variety can make you confuse which home accessory to buy. Here is a list of general tips to help you sail through the selection process. Take a look.

  1. Hang art pieces and paintings on the wall. Pick those pieces that compliment your room and other items placed there. For example, if you have a contemporary living room, then most likely your room decor will be brown walls with white furniture. Here, you can add light green color vase with a single white flower. You can hang multiple small pictures together or a large picture in the back wall of the sofa.
  2. Buy lamps that complement the furniture of the room. For example, if you have a historic styled bedroom, buy antique lamps or lamps with hand-painted floral designs. Place the lamps in suitable position so they light up all corners of the room.
  3. Candles add a feminine and Romantic touch to the room. You can go for scented candles for your bedroom. Otherwise, you can place group of small candles in your living room. Ideal areas to place candles in living room – fireplace mantle, bookshelf, coffee table etc. **Tip: go for three pillar candles to soften the room.
  4. Display the statues, pictures, vases etc that you have collected from several trips and tours. Arrange them in different heights and widths. Remember all these items together should create a balance. Display each item properly.
  5. Bring plants to your living room. If you do not want to do maintenance, choose artificial flowers. Colorful flowers will bring in ‘life’ to your room.
  6. Include colors and textures in your room accessories. For example, if you have a contemporary room design, buy a neutral color doormat. Similarly, if you have a plain and simple room, buy a colorful doormat/rug.
  7. Rev up your sofa, chairs and beds with different color and size pillows. Try to use bold colors and patterns with pillows. Remember you can give your room a comfortable and cozy appeal with soft pillows.
  8. Use soft subtle colors in curtains. Make sure that you use three principal colors in each room – primary color, secondary color and tertiary color. Use the third color in a small scale.
  9. In case you have too many items to display in the room, try rotating them. In this way, you will always have something new to show to your guests.

Do not overdo your room. Sweep your eye across the room. Make sure there is no excessive of items in your room.

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