5 Tips To Keep Your Home Cleaner

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cleaner

We have been born and bred in consumerism. A system where we wanted everything and anything to be a part of our beautiful home but the hoarding of goods has brought us no benefit particularly. Only some clutter that we can’t seem to let go of due to the high amount of money spent on it. Maintaining an effortlessly clean home has always been a sturdy task. Not many have been able to master it over the years. Most of the people complain that they fail to do so in the presence of either their kids, pets or and elderly at their home.

Add to that extra goods and furniture all in the name of making your house a better place but all you ended up with is no space and no organization in the house. A home is a place you come back to after a tiring day at work and if you come home to mess I’m 100% sure your mood will get affected whether you notice or not. Our environment tends to affect us in many ways that’s why it is important to maintain an environment that is generally known to bring peace and tranquility to the mind.

Keeping your house clean is not a very difficult task if you are an organizer and someone who likes to follow a routine to maintain some order in their life. There are far too many unpredictable things in life maybe take control of one of those and you will realize how good that feels and what an amazing sense of achievement it brings. The people who do manage to keep their homes clean despite the busy routine in today’s world are mostly excellent organizers, followers of the law, the people who love their homes and the ones who love cleaning (like me). All of these people have a different modus operandi to make their home spot free but we have compiled their best advice in the following points.

Beware of your surroundings

This isn’t one of those signs you read outside a house with a dog, what we mean is that make sure you are well aware of the problems in your house. This is a threefold process and if you’re looking to commit to this cleaning thing then proceed to read. The first step in keeping the house clean is recognizing the root cause. We can do this by taking a notebook and then a thorough trip throughout the house where you will recognize the problematic areas. The second step again involves some writing but this time we will not only identify problem areas by the source of their problem too. For every problematic area, we will find out the highest contributor to its mess and try to eradicate the problem from its roots. The last step involves you finding out solutions. Now that you have a notebook with the problem and the cause of that problem you will be easily able to come up with a solution that is tailored for that area. If you incorporate this practice in your weekly cleaning routine I can assure you that there will be no piles of unfolded clothes or unshredded papers in your house!

Replace don’t collect

Whether you accept it or not but one of the biggest contributors of clutter and disorganization in your house is the entry of new things but no exit for the old ones. As I discussed initially we have the system of consumerism ingrained in ourselves so much that we have an endless desire of buying everything we like and never letting go of our old belongings. Please make sure before you buy new clothes you give away the ones with similar colors or styles to someone in need. That wat you will be changing your wardrobe frequently and helping someone in need. Similarly other items such as crockery, furniture, decoration pieces and especially kitchen appliances which women never seem to have. Please don’t make impulse buys and fill your house with unnecessary items that will only clog space.


A home cannot be maintained by one person solely so if you have sons and daughters and a husband then divide the cleaning duties between all of them. This is the quickest way to get everything done. Everyone will do their work because its only one task so it won’t even be too tiring for one person. You could assign laundry to someone, vacuuming to another, dusting to someone else and so on.

Organize every day and have a cleaning routine

The key to maintaining a clean house is organizing the whole house every day. Put everything back in its place. Make sure there no dishes that need to be done, no clothes that have to be put in the laundry, and no legos that are lying around the house. Make sure that everyone in your house is in the habit of cleaning their mess whether it’s the kids or the man of the house. You can also incorporate a night time check on the house in your cleaning routine. This would require you to take a tour of the house and make sure that everything is in its place so when you step into the next day and the morning you don’t feel burdened by the mess created last night. Most importantly, have a cleaning routine that you follow strictly that nothing piles up on you on Sunday.

Vacuum and Dust your house Regularly

Dust comes in from the smallest of the creaks and the weirdest places. The best way to get rid of this unwanted guest is to use a vacuum every day. And if you can’t vacuum the whole house every day then do one room a day but vacuum your living room and kitchen every day as they are in constant use. This may take a couple of extra minutes from your jam-packed routine but its way better to spend 10 minutes every day rather than spending hours later.

These simple tips will keep your house guest-ready at all times. Not only will it look aesthetically pleasing to other people but the clean, tidy and mess-free look of your house will be a great stress reliever for you too.

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