Learn the Secret to Getting Things Done Around Your House

Learn the Secret to Getting Things Done Around Your House

Have you ever wondered why some people get things done easily and successfully while others fail to accomplish what they want to?

We have been taught by our parents to adopt good habits to be successful in life, such as-eat right, exercise daily and clean our homes regularly. And, truly, they’re helpful.

Cleanliness helps you promote overall wellness and get things done efficiently. In this post, we’re going to discuss the importance of home cleaning and how can it help make your life a lot easier and happier.

Why is Home Cleaning Important

Cleanliness reduces stress

Imagine two houses – one is clean and another is messy with everything scattered here and there. In which house, you would like to live in? Obviously, the former one.

An unclean environment can affect your mental health. According to a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in 2010, women who had cluttered homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. That means, stress levels are linked to the environment you’re living in. In a clean home where everything is organized in a proper manner, you feel happy and focus more on your work. So, why not benefit from meaningful ways of managing your stress levels?

Eat healthier

Eating a healthy diet is necessary. It provides you energy to do your daily tasks and stay mentally fit.

Kitchen is one of the widely-used areas in the home. It’s visited by everyone several times a day. If your kitchen is unclean, it will spread germs and bacteria, which can make your family ill. Additionally, cockroaches, rats, mice, etc. are among the regular visitors of dirty kitchens. These disease-carrying pests eat your food and are also expert in hiding behind clutter.

Regular cleaning helps reducing the possibility of pests and promote wellness. Not only you should clean utensils, but sweep the floors and sanitize work areas properly to prevent bacteria. Who wouldn’t love to walk into a clean kitchen and prepare food for his/her loved ones?

Also, it’s hard to prepare food in the morning when the sink is full of salad debris. You need to clean out the kitchen first and then prepare your meal. This will waste a lot of time.

In a clean kitchen, cooking becomes a lot easier plus you will be able to reduce your frustration level.

Be more hospitable

Imagine it’s Sunday 9 am, and you’re sleeping. You get a phone call from your maternal uncle telling about his visit to your home. This will give you a panic attack as your house is a wreck. You think about cleaning your home at the last moment, but how much you can do? It’s impossible.

Now, consider another situation. If your home is clean and have everything well-organized, you need not bother about guests coming to your home anytime. Thus, cleaning your home regularly can make your life easier and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on your important tasks.

Improves sleep

Sleep is important. It helps you to relax your mind and improve focus at work. If you have trouble sleeping at night, it will disturb all corners of your life. A messy home can be one of the major reasons of that. Imagine before going to bed, you’re thinking about cleaning the kitchen and other parts of the home before going to the office. Will you be able to sleep comfortably? No!

If your living space is clean, you will have a good night sleep and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, there will be no guilt about watching your favorite series on Netflix or playing the PubG game on your smartphone. Because, chances are less that you will think about sitting idle and ten things you should be doing including cleaning your home.

Increases productivity

It’s rightly said that clutter is the enemy of creativity. When your home is surrounded by dust, it’s hard to focus on work. Thoughts like “my home isn’t clean”, “I need to clean it as soon as possible”, “how can I do it quickly”, etc. are continuously roaming in your head. In such a situation, will you be able to concentrate on what you’re doing? Obviously not!

Distractions also affect your work output. According to a University of California Irvine study, it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task. 

Surprisingly, 44% of distractions are due to stress, sleep deprivation, hunger, etc. The good news is-we can control them easily. Having a neat and clean home enables you to reduce distractions, gives you a mental space, which will make you more productive.

Sense of accomplishment

What do you feel when you walk into a dirty bathroom? You add bathroom cleaning in the list of high priority tasks. But, you forget it after a few hours. But, this important task never dies in your mind.

Now, imagine crossing your bathroom you have cleaned in the morning. You feel happy and it gives you a huge energy boost. And, if you’re happy, you can do even the hardest things easily.

As you have seen that cleanliness has a nice connection with how you feel, how you perform and what’s your work output.

To sum it up – home is a perfect place to relax after the office and spend quality time with your loved ones. Your level of satisfaction depends on the level of cleanliness of your living space. If your home is neat and clean, you will love walking into it and have a happy life. Unclean, cluttered home will increase your tensions and stress levels, thus affecting all corners of your life.

Make a cleaning schedule – sweep floors, clean kitchen, bathrooms, and living rooms regularly and promote wellness of everyone living in your home. To protect yourself from unpleasant side-effects of home cleaning chemicals, you can use some eco-friendly cleaning tips and tricks.

If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to do home cleaning tasks on your own, get professional home cleaning services.

How often do you clean your home? Other than home cleaning, what are the major things that affect your life? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

source/credit: zumacleaning.com

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