8 Effective and Thrifty Ways to Save Energy at Home

8 Effective and Thrifty Ways to Save Energy at Home

Did you know that the energy usage in each household has reduced throughout the years? This is because of improved housing materials, electrical equipment, and other reasons. Despite this, Americans still use around a quarter of the total energy consumption in the world.

We could all do better to reduce our impact on the environment while also saving money in the process. Are you wondering how to save energy at home?

Keep reading to learn about eight effective and thrifty ways to save energy at home.

1. Wash Your Clothes Using Cold Water

One of the easiest energy efficiency tips you can put to use with little effort involves your washing machine. It might make sense to use hot water when washing your clothes but it’s actually not necessary. With modern technology, washing machines can be just as effective at cleaning your clothes with cold water as they are with hot water.

Give the idea a spin and smell for yourself how clean your clothes come out. If you want to be certain of their cleanliness, you can purchase detergents that are designed specifically for cold water washes.

Since the majority of energy usage in a washing machine is due to heating the water, you can definitely save a pretty penny, especially if you have a large family that produces loads of dirty laundry.

If you want to save even more energy, try drying your clothes in the air rather than in a dryer.

2. Don’t Peek in the Oven

As your grandmother might have said from time to time, a watched pot doesn’t boil. The same could be said for anything in your oven.

If you continue to open the oven to peek at your cake, it’s going to take a lot longer to bake. Not only that, but it will also use more energy because every time you open the oven door the temperature within can lose about 25 degrees of heat.

Next time you feel an urge to peek in the oven, you should turn the oven light on and look through the little window on the front. Otherwise, simply let the food cook on its own.

3. Turn Off Fans and Other Equipment

Your father might have scolded you on more than one occasion for leaving the lights on in a room that you had left. Turning off the lights has always been a tried and true method for saving energy.

You should be turning off ceiling fans when you leave the room as well. Ceiling fans are a great way to feel like the room is 4 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than it actually is. Although fans do save energy while you’re in the room to feel the effects on your skin, they don’t actually cool the air in your home.

Paradoxically, heat from the fan’s engine can make the room slightly hotter, so it’s best to be certain that all ceiling fans are off when you’re not there to enjoy them.

4. Fill Your Fridge

If your refrigerator is either empty or too full then it won’t be operating at optimum efficiency. Be sure to have a well-stocked fridge so that the airflow is just right. Even if you have to fill the fridge with stacks of soda or water jugs, it will help you be more efficient at home.

Another fridge-related tip involves food. Leftovers or other foods in your fridge can release moisture into your fridge, causing it to work harder in order to keep everything cool.

The same thing can happen with opened drinks, so cover exposed items with plastic wrap or tin foil so that the moisture is as contained as possible.

Also, make sure that your fridge’s cool setting is at the manufacturer’s recommended level so that you can avoid wasting energy on superfluous cooling.

5. Upgrade Your Showerhead

There’s no reason to use an elephant-grade showerhead like the eccentric character Kramer in Seinfeld. Rather, low-flow showerheads are a great way to save money on heated water.

Another way you can easily save time and money is by reducing the length of your showers. Even if you shave off just a few minutes from your usual routine in the shower, you can save a lot of energy over time.

6. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

If you’re mindful of energy usage, you might be in the habit of turning off your A/C before you go to work. Although the idea makes sense, it takes a lot of energy to bring the house’s temperature back to what it was once you get home from work.

Instead, you should get a smart thermostat because you can control the temperature from wherever you are. If that wasn’t cool enough, the thermostat can also work on its own for optimum efficiency.

7. Take Advantage of Solar Energy

The sun is like a huge, practically infinite battery that is bombarding the earth with energy 12 hours a day. Considering this, it’s a no-brainer that we should all be taking advantage of this powerful energy source.

solar installer can help you find the most affordable solar panels for your home while also making their installation a breeze.

Over time, they’ll pay for themselves.

8. Let in Natural Light

Speaking of the power of the sun, you can still take advantage of sunlight even if you don’t have solar panels.

Open your blinds and let that natural light do the work of your artificial lights. Not only does natural light look better, but it’s doesn’t cost a thing.

Keep in mind that natural light in your house will, of course, make things hotter. If it’s summer, you might want to opt for closing the blinds so that your air conditioner isn’t overworked.

Ready to Use These 8 Effect Ways to Save Energy at Home?

Now that you know about the best ways to save energy, you can begin to make your home greener while also making your wallet heavier in the long run.

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