A Solar Window And Door

A Solar Window And Door

I think the world has come to an interesting point. The amazing technology of using the potential energy from the sun to make an energy efficient world is truly incredible. Who would have thought you would see a solar window and door as a substitute for average doors and windows?  I never imagined this day would come, but I guess it is here, faster than we expected.

Advantages of Solar Windows

There are several advantages to having solar windows or screens the screens are usually made with a mesh that is designed to deflect the sun’s UV rays before they reach the glass of your windows. With this kind of technology, we get to enjoy some things; they include but are not limited to:

Heat Reduction:

With the solar windows or screens, the heat that comes into the building is conserved.  The heat remains outside the building. It is believed that it helped block about 90 percent of the sun from penetrating to the house.

Damage Prevention:

Things in the house like furniture and utensils are protected from the damaging effects of the UV rays from the sun.


With the solar windows and screens you can have all the privacy you want.  It helps to decrease the difficulty of anyone being able to see through your windows. But it makes the viewing from the interior of the house possible.


You would be surprised that these solar screens actually help with adequate ventilation in the house. It also helps prevent dust and things such as insects, from entering inside the home

Glare Reduction:

Solar screens block the glare that appears on TV screens, mirrors and other things in the room making the house very suitable for everything going on in the house.

Winter Usage:

During the winter when there is heat inside the house, the solar windows and screens helps keep the heat inside, keeping the inside of the house a comfortable temperature.


With all these advantages, solar screens are very affordable and help you save money to enhance your home.

Here are a list of other solar things you can have in your home to give you that experience:

  1. Patio doors are always nice.
  2. Storm windows are always cool they do protect from the harsh weather.
  3. Storm doors are amazing too; they too provide protection from bad weather.
  4. Home window tinting is my favorite; I just love to see tinted windows.
  5. Bathroom vanity mirrors are always cool.
  6. Glass shower enclosures are pretty awesome.

Garage Doors Can Also Be Solar

A solar garage door is the answer for your car’s heating problems. By installing garage solar doors you provide the energy needed for your cars. For electric gas, the solar garage door would keep your car always running. It’s a new technological and not commonly seen around but as the need for more electric cars rise, the need for more solar garage doors would rise too.

As the demand for solar windows and doors rises more companies are emerging in many cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Phoenix. To attend to the needs of this demand, the solar window and door in SLC is one of the fastest growing solar industries in Utah. Solar windows and doors help reduce home energy cost and improve the safety of the window glass in people’s homes.

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