A to Z of Energy Saving Tips

A to Z of Energy Saving Tips

Alternative Fuels

Research different types of fuel before purchasing a new car. Hydrogen can now be used to power newer models, along with other diverse fuels. Cars don’t only run on diesel and petrol nowadays.


It will cost more in maintenance than it’s worth, to run a boiler that is older than 15 years. Therefore, it is advisable to replace it. Older boilers are more prone to breakdown.You will save more money on your energy bill by installing a new boiler.


Driving your car at the correct tire pressure will save you fuel. It is also advisable to merge as many trips into one. A car is most fuel efficient at its optimum temperature.


The main source of heat loss in your home is doors. If you have any gaps in your doors, seal them with PVC.

Energy Monitors

These will help you estimate the cost of your energy bills. Check how much energy you’re using by getting an energy monitor.


Before food lands on our plates, it has sometimes traveled hundreds of miles to get there. Help the local economy by purchasing foods from local supplier. This will reduce the need for transportation across the world.


It is best not to use patio heaters, as they don’t provide much heat and use a lot of unnecessary energy. Use composters to turn your waste into manure. You can then use it grow your garden.

Heating Oil

Choose a heating oil that takes longer to burn if you use oil heating. This will save you money in the long run. New heating oils have been created that produce less CO2, kleenburn kerosene is just one example.


If you don’t have correct insulation you will be paying to heat your home over and over again. Proper insulation will keep the heat in.


Reduce heat loss by as much as 75% by purchasing an insulation jacket for your boiler. This will reduce your energy bills significantly.


Think about how much water you’re going to use before filling the kettle. Unused water is a waste of energy as well as water.

Light bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs produce the same amount of light but use less energy. Changing light bulbs is easy to do. As well, energy efficient light bulbs last longer than regular light bulbs. £600 can be saved by using energy saving bulbs.

Mobile Phones

Do you need the latest mobile phone? If you need a new phone, sell or recycle your old one.


A chicken can be cooked in just 30 minutes in a halogen oven. This is 50% faster than a normal oven and decreases your bill.


Save £10 a year and reduce carbon emissions by protecting your water pipes. This will also keep the water warmer for longer.

Quarterly Cleaning

Clean items such as your air conditioning system once every 3 months. The filter within such items clogs up over time.

Renewable Energy

Save money on your heating bill by installing solar panels. Although they are expensive to connect they will save you money in the long run.


A bath uses approximately 100 litres of water, whereas a shower uses around 35 litres of water. Save water and energy by showering for a shorter time and try to avoid having a bath as they use more water.


You can now get a device that will switch off all your electrical appliances at a certain time if you forget to.

Use Your Hands

Save money by mixing your food by hand. Many of these commercial appliances use a lot of unnecessary energy.


Make sure all your windows are closed properly as even the smallest gap can cause a huge draft. Double glazed windows are the most energy efficient way to prevent any heat from leaving your home.

source/credit: crownoil.co.uk

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