How to clean your home this Christmas?

The Christmas season is an exciting time for family and holidays, but preparing your home for the holiday from the start may seem like a daunting task. It is often difficult to understand where to start or where to go next when you started. By planning ahead, you can prepare your home for Christmas and New Year and enjoy the holiday season without stress. Your Christmas decorations will not look as beautiful if they are covered with a web or messy floors so it clean the house if you’re planning to invite guests.

Give the house deep cleaning, clean your carpets with best carpet sweepers, dust, a mop, a polish and clean the refrigerator.

Put some potted plants outside the door and stairs, if they do not survive the cold, and rake all the leaves left over from the fall.

Make a to-do list. Prepare a to-do list schedule time for buying gifts, cooking holiday treats and food, and decorating your home so that you can finish your work on time and enjoy maximum time with your family. Write down, if any preparations you will need to make to visit guests.

Recording everything you need to do will help ensure that you have done everything. Delegate tasks to family members. Preparing your home for Christmas is not an easy task and should not be performed by just one person. Communicate with your family and determine what tasks you can share. If you are hosting guests, contact and find out if they will bring wine, side dishes or desserts.

Put the tree down. You can buy one on a Christmas tree plot or use an artificial tree if you want. Set your tree in a common area where everyone can enjoy it, and then start decorating. First place the lights on the tree, wrapping them in and out of branches so that they look completely “lit.”

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Tips to clean your home this Christmas

The main thing is mood

It is very important that during the chores around the house the mood is upbeat, and even cheerful. Energetic music helps with housework. You can put your favorite disc, and then the work will go much more fun and finish faster. And one more thing – take some time to clean, but every day. So you will not be littered with trash and garbage by the end of the week, and you will not have to spend precious weekends on this little interesting activity.

We do the cleaning fast

How to quickly and efficiently clean the apartment? Set the timer for 15 minutes and start cleaning. Let every day you spend exactly 15 minutes to remove one specific area in the apartment. This may be washing the floor in the corridor or bedroom, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning plumbing. At its core, this cleaning option, but every day, is tantamount to a general cleaning, but once a week. So you save the weekend for your leisure and family, and do not get bogged down in the mud.

Try at least one week to tidy up with a 15-minute timer, and you will see by Saturday that the apartment simply does not need to be cleaned up, which usually takes several hours.

How to clean the house?

Before you think about how to wash the apartment, you need to think about how you can make the apartment have less dirt.

First of all, you need to lay a rug in front of the doors to wipe shoes on it. So much less dirt will get into the apartment. The outer clothing should be shaken out in the hallway, and never put it in the rooms and in the kitchen.

To reduce the amount of junk in the apartment, clothes and things for giving should be taken there, and broken utensils and long-needed things simply should be thrown away.

Choose the right time

How to quickly and cleanly clean houses? The answer to this question is individual for each hostess. But so that the apartment is always clean, you need to choose the right time for cleaning. Experienced housewives know that it is better to do the cleaning every day, for example, after work, while distributing responsibilities among households. If one will wash the dishes after dinner, and the second will vacuum, then at least time will be spent, and the effect will be on the face.

As for the right time, it is better to leave the cleaning in the evening, when all the homeworkers will gather after the working day, and it will be possible to effectively use their free time. To clean the floors in the apartment you need only half an hour, and there is absolutely no reason to do it on the weekend.

Action plan

How to make you house Christmas ready? First you should outline a cleaning plan. It is necessary to select an apartment in stages. Usually, cleaning begins by laying out the scattered items and sorting the dirty laundry. Things should be laid out in their places, and the washing machine is launched with linen. So you will kill two birds with one stone. Next, they move on to dusting and sweeping floors. When the carpets are vacuumed, floors and shoes can be washed.

Cleaning is a fun ritual

Your children can do the housework that they like. If your child likes to wipe dust or wipe mirrors, instruct him in this activity. So housework will not become conscription, but will turn into a fun activity. You yourself can cook dinner or mop the floors at this time. Make cleaning the whole family, all together is much more fun. And as a reward, you can make pizza. Although, of course, you can clean the apartment for money, but to do self-cleaning is much easier and more economical.

Keeping Your Home Clean

But you need to maintain cleanliness in the house every day. Be sure to take out the trash every day, do not eat in the rooms, wipe the tables in the kitchen for the night. Do not buy too many toys for children, so you do not have to collect them for a long time throughout the apartment. The same applies to various souvenirs – do not litter your apartment and make dust collectors from shelves. So it will be much easier to take care of housing.

If you still do not have a basket or a box for dirty laundry, then it’s time to buy such a necessary thing. In many houses you can see rubble in clothes on chairs and sofas. It seems that there is nothing to put a sweater in the car with, but you don’t want to put it on anymore. Either immediately put things in a closet, or put them in a laundry basket.

Guests on the doorstep

So, you have come from work, and they inform you that in an hour the guests will be on the threshold. Do not panic and grab everything at once. But without the help of the family you cannot do in such a situation. Quickly give everyone a task – before the arrival of the guests, it is enough to put the lying things in their places and wipe the dust. If you have time, you can quickly vacuum carpets and walkways. All this will take you about half an hour, and even time will be left to prepare something delicious for tea.

Tidying up in the house is not a monotonous work that turns into bondage over the years. Cleaning the apartment can take a minimum of time, if you properly distribute your forces and ask for help from children and husband.

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