A Guide to Choose the Right Garden Shed Material

A Guide to Choose the Right Garden Shed Material

When you think of utilizing your backyard, a garden shed is a marvelous idea. They are not only useful in various ways but also add charm to your open space. However, people often get confused over the material they should invest in for building the shed.

Well, when you are in Australia, you can invest your money on providers like steelchief.com.au, as they are known for their high-quality products.

However, a comparison would help you in this regard. 

The Shed Materials Available

If you run a quick market survey, the most common shed materials you would come across are wood and vinyl.

Now, some prefer wood because:

  • they are durable
  • they can enhance the aesthetic appeal
  • they are easy to paint
  • they are available in different sizes

A few others prefer vinyl because:

  • they don’t require frequent maintenance
  • they are cheaper

It is important to note that both of the materials have a few drawbacks like:

  • the wood utility shed kits don’t include any foundation material
  • wooden sheds require regular care
  • the doors of the vinyl shades are not much secure
  • vinyl slidings are likely to break more easily
  • vinyl could be vulnerable to UV rays as well as snow loading
  • the scopes for customization is limited with vinyl

Why Could Steel Be the Right Garden Shed Material?

Greater Endurance

It might take the wood admirers by surprise, but the steel shades are highly durable. As you would agree, metals don’t get damaged easily and are incredibly solid compared to their wooden or vinyl counterparts.

In fact, providers like steelchief.com.au offer 0.35 mm thick steel that conforms to the Australian standards. They are made to stand the harsh weather conditions for a long time.

If you feel your shed requires a more robust cladding profile, then get their corrugated sheeting. Made of heavy-duty steel, they come in at a gauge of 0.47 mm. They are even more sturdy for having the ribbed profiles.

No Foundation Needed

You don’t have to have a separate budget for a foundation if you bring home a steel shade. While the vinyl and the wooden frames sit well on a concrete foundation, the steel sheets only require a flat surface, and you are good to go for the installation.

Better Security

When you are building a garden shed, you want it to be secured. Wood and metal can hardly guarantee that security, but metal can. The steel garden shades are tough enough to provide increased protection against trespassers. Its thicker reinforced hinges ensure no one enters your property forcibly.

No Fire Hazard

Wood and plastic are highly flammable, and metal isn’t. Safety should be your prime importance when planning a garden shed. Steel sheds are fire retardant and have an extremely high meltdown point.


When compared with wood, steel sheds are more budget-friendly yet sturdier than vinyl. They are light, easy to move around, and need no regular maintenance.

So if you wish to use your garden shade solely for storage or potting, steel is something you should always go for.

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