Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin – How to Create the Perfect Harry Potter Themed Bedroom

Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin – How to Create the Perfect Harry Potter Themed Bedroom

When we think of Harry Potter we think of magic, adventure, the golden trio, and most importantly of all – Hogwarts. What kid doesn’t dream of getting his Hogwart’s letter flown in by owl? Who hasn’t, young or old, spent hours feverishly considering to what house they would be sorted? For your kid, the acceptance into Hogwarts is a dream, but being sorted doesn’t have to be a fantasy.

With some handy tips for yours truly, we’ll show you how to change your child’s bedroom into a dorm Harry Potter himself would be proud of. The hard part? Choosing between Gryffindor gold and Slytherin green.


Gryffindors decorate themselves in the traditional colors of red and gold, so match this theme when painting the walls and matching the accessories. Go for rich red curtains with golden ties, or red lamp shades with a golden base. In the books the room is described as circular, which sadly is not in your power to replicate (unless you’re building from scratch, you lucky fellow) but you can recreate the squashy armchairs that Harry and his friends lounge in. Other features of the common room include the notice board (great for sneakily getting your child organized) and the decorative scarlet tapestries, often depicting animals or battles.


Being the ‘nice guy’ house, having a Hufflepuff room is all about comfort and things that make you smile. The dorm is located near the kitchens, so make sure to pay homage with food related fixings, such as this cupcake money box. Colour coordinate the room with yellow and blacks, with a heavy emphasis on the yellow (their common room has the most sunlight). Other than food, a Hufflepuff’s greatest love will always be plants, so get your kid into some good habits and have them grow their own fern or other household plant. If your child does lack the necessary green fingers, you can always opt for some plastic flowers – these, in my experience, are a lot easier to manage.


The theme is books, books, and more books. Yes, if your child is real bookoholic he or she might be a Ravenclaw. Surround the room in a glorious array of bookcases filled to the brim. The carpet and walls should be in a deep midnight blue, while the windows hung with blue and bronze silks. Challenge your child by scattering decorative puzzles around the room, and in the real Ravenclaw spirit occasionally block the door and firmly say he or she can’t enter till they have answered a riddle.


Described as more like a dungeon than anything, this theme doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Use green lamp shades to recreate the green tinged light noted in the books. Raid the Halloween stock and dot ornamental skulls (plastic I might add) around the room. You can even use plain wooden cupboards and paint them black to match those found in the real Slytherin dorm. Make sure to liven up the black furniture with green trimmings, such as green and silver curtains and bedding. Parents looking for extra brownie points can even paint some mythical sea creatures onto the windows; mimicking the view Slytherin students get of Hogwart’s lake.

Whatever the house, these fantastic themes offer a magical bedroom even Harry Potter himself would be jealous of.

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