All You Need to Know About Drain Relining

All You Need to Know About Drain Relining

It is not always possible for homeowners to notice the signs of damage in the sewer system. Sure, standing water is a clear sign your drainage system is clogged or drainpipes have broken down. Other than that, it is challenging for homeowners to detect any interior damage to the pipes. If left untreated, broken and clogged pipes can cause serious damage to your sewer system. It is, therefore, essential to carry out drain relining and inspect the interiors of your drain pipes.

Gone are the days when replacing the broken pipe was considered the only way to fix drainage blockages. Whether you had the drainpipe clogged due to foreign particles or tree & leaves waste, professionals would dig up the drain and install a new and expensive pipe system. Not only was it a time-consuming process, but it was quite costly as the specialist had to reinstate paving, tiles, and the entire landscape to fit the new drainpipe.

Today, drain lining has become one of the cost-effective and popular procedures for fixing blocked drainage. Let’s see what drain relining is and how the process can benefit homeowners in the long run.

The Drain Relining Procedure

With the help of a special resin, the professional tries to clean the drainage pipe from the inside. Basically, resin develops an additional, robust lining around the main pipe and speeds up the repairing of the original pipe.

So far, drain relining has proven a cost-effective and smoother option for curing all sorts of broken pipes, leakages, and clogged drainage systems. Since the method does not involve heavy digging and pipe replacement, it is significantly better and more efficient than the traditional pipe digging and replacement procedure.

Perks of Drain Relining

We have mentioned how to drain relining helps you fix broken pipes and leakages without following the intense digging process.

Here are some other benefits of this modern and efficient procedure:

  • It is an economical solution for all major drainage issues including serious blockages.
  • Land reinstating, repaving the driveway, and reconstructing the retaining wall are some of the major drawbacks of the traditional digging and pipe replacing method. Drain relining will save you time and bucks on additional expenses. You don’t have to reinstate the landscape if you clear your drainage using the drain lining process.
  • The process is super quick. It only takes professionals a day to finish the job.
  • Relining does not produce loud and irritating excavation noises. In fact, the drainage experts will complete the process without creating a mess.
  • Relined pipes are sturdy as compared to regular PVC pipes. It enhances the lifespan of the drainage system. Once installed, the reline pipes and the overall process will last for up to 50 years (if maintained well).
  • The process is extremely beneficial for commercial properties. Drain relining causes little to no disturbance. You can carry out your routine activities while the professionals are handling the drainage pipes.

Are They Permanent?

As mentioned before, drain relining is a durable and robust process that has a life expectancy of more than 50 years. As long as it is installed properly, there is a good chance your sewer system will work well for the next few decades.

Make sure that you hire a professional and experienced plumbing company or drainage unblocking experts for the job. They will execute the process smoothly. They cause little to no mess and get the job done in no time.

Drain Relining – How Does it Work?

A protective layer is placed inside the drainage pipes to keep them from possible damage. Before the flushing process starts, the drainage unblocking company gets a thorough inspection of the inner pipe to ascertain the damage. This is usually done through CCTV technology. Once done, they activate the high-powered jetting and flush the drain pipes thoroughly.

Professionals monitor the inside of the drain pipes throughout the procedure to ensure that the resin fits the pipe. Relined pipes are versatile enough to fit almost all lengths of pipes i.e. from 50mm pipes to two-meter pipes. Resin is installed in the pipe either through airbags or extreme water pressure. Either way, the resin fits into the pipe and protects the original pipe from cracks and possible damage.

Get a thorough inspection of your drain pipe’s interiors and fix the damaged sections of your drainage system with drain lining. Hire experts and ensure smoother and faster operation.

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