Decorate House With A Few Exclusive Ideas

Decorate House With A Few Exclusive Ideas

Last weekend we had a family get-together in the house. Around 50 people attended the party. I cleaned the house and decorated it to make it look little presentable and inviting to the guests. However, one my relative’s kids made a comment that all rooms in the house looked the same. Later on, I also realized that the decorating ideas I implemented in the rooms were all similar and thus, the rooms looked identical. To find out some innovative and exclusive home decorating ideas I read many magazines and went through the internet. Thankfully, I came across some marvelous home decorating tips room by room. In this article, I would like to share some of those ideas with my readers, so that they can also make their rooms look classy and different.

Living room decorating tips

Clean the room: Since living room is the most important area of a house where people relax and spend some good time with the family, it should look appealing and inviting. For that, cleaning should be the first step. Here are some handy tips that I follow when cleaning the living room.

  • Whenever I find any dish or toy lying on the center table, I immediately pick it up and keep it in the appropriate place.
  • Next, I collect trash (if any), and throw into the wastebasket. I collect all the belongings in the room and divide into two groups – important and unimportant. I keep the important items back in place and discard all the unnecessary belongings.
  • To make the room look absolutely spic and span, I scrupulously wipe all the decorative items and tabletops with the damp rag, and remove moisture with the dry cloth.

However, if you reside in Calgary and do not have enough time to do these on your own, consider hiring residential cleaning services in Calgary.

Display collections: As I came across in a magazine, living room is an ideal area of the house for displaying collections and showcasing creativity, and personal taste and choice. Hence, I deck up the room by hanging exclusive painting on the walls and other artwork like silver trays and unframed vintage art. Decorative lampshade, small water body, crystal showpieces are some other exclusive accessories I use to enhance the overall decor of my living room.

Paint the walls: Earlier on, all the rooms in my house were painted in white color. But since my relative’s kid made a comment that all the rooms looked same, I decided to add different colors to different rooms of the house. For living room, I chose to add a neutral shade of hue to make the room look bright and natural. However, if you want to make your living room look vibrant and trendy, you can choose dark colors like red, purple, yellow, blue, violet and others.

Kitchen decorating tips

People usually gloss over the importance of decorating a kitchen in the bid of decking up the living rooms and bedrooms. But I had always thought that the cooking area in my house needed special attention. So, I incorporated some exclusive decorating ideas to the kitchen.

  • In order to make my cooking area a little warm and relaxing, I painted the walls and cabinets with dark and vibrant shade of color. I chose an exquisite combination of grey and ivory for my kitchen. I painted the walls with grey and in contrast, painted the cabinets with ivory. This had made my kitchen look extremely trendy and stylish.
  • I also incorporated some fresh plants and flowers in the kitchen to make it look fresh. I created a window box with fresh herbs and decorated a vase with colorful flowers. This had made my kitchen look really different and unusual from others.

Decorate your house in creative manner and feel good living in it.

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