Give a Fresh Look to Your Bathroom Know How

Give a Fresh Look to Your Bathroom: Know How

Over a year or so, I have been thinking to remodel or redesign my bathroom since there is hardly any space to store shampoo, oil, detergent and other bathroom accessories. However, somehow or the other, I kept postponing the project. Last week, my 5 years old son tripped and fell down on the bathroom because of extremely slippery floors. That is when I decided to take a plunge into bathroom remodeling. While I had no clue how to go about it, I consulted many home remodeling designers and contractors. I also read through many home remodeling magazines and came across some outstanding bathroom revamping ideas. Here I would like to share some of the ideas with my readers, so that they can implement them while remodeling their bathrooms.

Change the floors

Since my son fell down in the bathroom because of slippery floors, my first priority was to replace the old greasy floors with the new one. One of the bathroom remodeling contractors suggested me that laminate tile floors are a great flooring option because of it anti-slippery character. He also told me that these floors are durable, reliable, and easy to clean as well. However, there are many other flooring types ideal for a bathroom such as marble tile floors, vinyl tile floors and many others.

Clear the clutter

One of the most fascinating bathroom remodeling tips that I came across in a magazine (Better Homes and Gardens) is cleaning the clutter. I gathered all the bathroom accessories together and divided into two groups – important and not so important. While doing this I was really amazed to see that there were so many partly used soaps, and almost finished bottles of shampoo kept in the drawers. I threw them to a trash bag in order to clear the storage space in my bathroom.

Storage unit

I thought that clearing the clutter would help me making out some space to store the belongings in an organized way. Alas! Cleaning the clutter could hardly help me for the purpose. I was still running out of adequate space to store my bathroom accessories and belongings. I incorporated a lot of cabinets and other storage units in my bathroom. To make the optimum use of the available space, I built cabinets on the walls and under the sink, so as to store detergent, soap, shampoo and many other belongings. I also built in some open shelves on the walls and mounted hooks behind the door for more storage options.

Add color

To give a fresh look to the bathroom, I painted the walls with a neutral color of hue – beige. This gave a bright and sophisticated look to my bathroom. There are other natural shades of hues which you can apply on the walls, such as off-white, brown, and light-yellow. However, if you want your bathroom looks vibrant and trendy, then choose colors like purple, red, violet, blue and others.

Replace the tap-ware

To add a little more charm to my bathroom, I replaced the old, shabby tap ware with the new ones. I chose some high-end designer tap ware available on the market. While I do not have skills in installing these tap ware, I hired the services of plumbers in Manitoba.

These are some of the important changes I made in my bathroom in order to remodel it and gave a new look to it.

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