Choosing the Right Local House Painters and Things to Consider when House Painting

Choosing the Right Local House Painters and Things to Consider when House Painting

Did you know that the value of a building is seriously reduced if it is unpainted? Painting your home brings so much value to it. It adds beauty, elegance and completes the overall look of the house so it is very important for the painting job to be done right. Most people prefer to do the job on their own, but it is advisable to get professional help to make sure that everything looks well.

A professional painter does not just splash paint on the walls of a house. As you can see from this article here, a painter is an artist who decorates a house with colors, improving its look in the process. However, that is not all a painter does.

The painting processes, aside from beautifying a house, also aids in the house’s preservation. A paint job can reduce corrosion, provide protection from water damages, prevent mold, mildew and insect infection.

Many of us are likely not aware that a painter does all of this. Well, now we know.

Important Points to Consider Before Painting

Many of us have tried our hands at some in-house painting jobs at one time or the other. A good deal of them may not have had the best of results. To do a proper paint job, they need to consider a number of things. A lot of these are listed here: We will however briefly look at a few important points. These include:

The State of the Surface

Before they do any painting job, a professional painter will look at the surface to be painted. This is to determine if the surface is ready for painting. The surface may require some filling, sanding, and scrapping, etc. The surface has to be smooth, free of oily stains and dry before painting can commence.

Choice of Paint Color

Choosing a color plan for a painting job requires some skill. Yes, the homeowner can simply request for a color or colors or they could ask for recommendations (highly recommended). A professional painter looks at the big picture when choosing or recommending colors. This is a big part of the painting job because a bad color choice can make nonsense of an entire painting project.

Choice of Paint

Choice of Paint

All paints are not equal because some paints will suit your wall better than others. Professional painters know to either prime the surfaces to be painted before painting or use top quality paints that already contain primers.

You will find that a professional painter will not just begin to paint an entire surface. They will usually test a small portion of the surface with the primer and paint to be sure that the paint is right for that surface. Only after finding out that the paint is indeed right for the surface will the full painting begin.


Painting cannot be done at just any time and professional painters know this. The temperature has to be right and remain right for some time after the painting job has been concluded. It is quite normal for professionals to check out the weather forecast before scheduling a painting job.

Here are a few points to note regarding the timing of a painting job.

  1. Do not paint when the temperature is below 50 degrees.
  2. Do not paint immediately after a rain or if it is likely to rain immediately after.
  3. Do not paint on a foggy day.
  4. Ensure you will have at least four hours before the temperature drops significantly before you start painting. You do not want your painting to still be wet when dew starts dropping.

Prepping the Area

Painting can be messy. Make sure you prepare your painting area sufficiently before starting.

Choosing a Painter

To choose a painter or painting company to handle your painting job, there are some factors you should consider. The following are among the top ones:

Experience and Reputation

Look for a company that has a good reputation and has been in the business for a while. If past clients have a lot of good things to say about them, then you can be confident to allow them to handle your work.

Past Jobs

This is a continuation from the point above. Any serious company will have a portfolio of their past jobs for your consideration. Ask to see pictures or references of past jobs they have done.


It is usually best to work with a local company. If for example I live in Loveland, CO, I will be better off with Loveland painters near me. I can easily learn a lot about them, and they also know the area well, considering how important the climate is to painting jobs.

After you have considered all the above, then it’s time for you to choose a painting company that will get the job done.


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