15 House Exterior Paint Color Ideas You Might Not Have Considered

15 House Exterior Paint Color Ideas You Might Not Have Considered

Depending on the state of your home and home much weathering it goes through, experts recommend you repaint its exterior anywhere from every 4 years to every 15. If your home is looking a bit worse for wear, then you can give it a quick “facelift” by giving it a fresh coat of paint.

When you’re repainting your house, you may not want to stick with the original color; a new one can be refreshing to look at. But if you’re struggling to make a decision, here are 15 exterior paint color ideas you can try for your home.

1. Red and Black

This color pairing may be reminiscent of goth themes, but you can also make it work in a traditional sense. If you live out in the country, this color theme can make your home look a little like a barn. Add a little white to the trims to magnify this effect.

2. Olive

This dark green hue can help your house stand out against the surrounding greenery without making it seem unnatural. To give it some contrast and depth, consider painting your door and window frames a much lighter color, such as yellow. That way, your home won’t seem like a blob of olive from afar.

3. Pastel Yellow

Bright yellow may be too harsh on the eyes, but pastel yellow can give your house a gentle and soft feel. Pair it with an olive color like in the last suggestion, but the opposite way around. Paint your entire house yellow with olive accents on things like window shutters.

4. Gray and White

If you don’t want to make waves and want something more neutral, stick with colors like grey and white; you can even add accents of black on your window shutters. While this may be more on the boring side, at least you know it won’t upset your neighbors, especially if you live in a more conservative block.

5. Black and Taupe

Think suggestion #4 is too boring and wants to have just a bit more color for your home? Then try black and taupe. This is still traditional enough for conservative neighbors but gives you a more interesting color scheme than gray and white.

6. Blue and Dark Red

Pick a blue that’s a medium hue to give your home a neutral feel. Paint the entirety of it in this color, then add accents of dark red to the trims. You don’t want to go with too dark of a blue or too bright of a red since it’ll come off looking overly patriotic.

7. Light Blue and White

Everyone loves the rejuvenating effect the beach and ocean have, so let your home have the same effect by choosing shades that remind you of that setting. Whether you actually live by the beach or are miles away from it, when you paint your house light blue and white, you’ll feel like you’re experiencing the cool ocean breeze.

8. Dark Blue and White

This suggestion is similar to the last one but has a completely different effect. A coat of dark blue with white trims can give your house a more mature but still lively appearance.

9. White and Blue

Flip around the themes in #7 and #8 and you’ll have a stunning look. A completely white house can have an extremely harsh appearance, so break it up with trims of blue. It’ll give your property an exceptional facade.

10. Light Blue and Gray

This is another color scheme that’s neutral, but a bit more exciting than black, gray, and white. By using light blue, you can emanate the effects of the clear sky, with great contrast coming from the darker gray color.

11. Suede Metallic Finish

To give your home a really modern feel, consider a suede metallic finish. It comes in a range of metallic colors, such as white, silver, gold, and bronze. Your house will really stand out against the rest of the neighborhood when you select this unique type of paint.

12. Dark Gray and Bright Green

Want to make your home the most special one in the neighborhood? Then choose this bold pairing of colors. Paint the majority of your house dark gray, but add pops of bright green in places like your door and window frames.

13. Tan

If you live in the desert, or you just want to keep things simple, you can paint the entirety of your home tan. This is an extremely neutral color that should keep everyone on the block happy. You can add some life to your property by planting plenty of flowers and shrubs in front of your house.

14. Pink and Beige

For those who are extremely in touch with their feminine side, you can consider using pink as the main color for your home. By choosing beige instead of white for the trims, it can tone down the harshness of the pink.

15. Pastel Yellow and Blue

Want to be reminded of springtime all year long? Then why not make your house look like an Easter egg? Paint your home pastel yellow with accents of blue and have planters full of flowers to get that cheerful springtime look.

Use These Exterior Paint Color Ideas

With our 15 exterior paint color ideas, you now have a good range of shades to consider. Depending on what you want to achieve, and what the other houses look like in the neighborhood, the hue you pick can have a profound impact on how your own home appears.

Before you make a big decision, pick up a few samples from the store first and test them on a wall. Often, the paint will look different when in the can vs on the wall, so make sure it’s the perfect shade you want before painting your entire home.

For more articles on how to spruce up your house, please check out our interior design section.

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