Double Glazing - Everything You Need to Know

Double Glazing – Everything You Need to Know

The cold season is almost here and you are thinking of how to insulate and get your home prepared for winter. The heating bill becomes extortionate during this period, especially if you do not have a wood burner or if your enormous house requires a lot of heating. Installing double-glazed windows in your home is one step to warm up and keep the cold out during the cold months. We can date double glazing origin back to Victorian Scotland, and in the mid-1960s, it became popular in the UK. It was the standard windows installed in renovated or new homes, but they have installed it in only 43% of UK homes. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about double glazing.

Double Glazing

Glass is an excellent conductor of heat, so double glazing is formed from two panes of glass and a gap created in between around 16mm and filled up with argon gas or a vacuum of air. Double glazing windows are designed with primary or secondary rubber seals which trap heat inside the house and prevent it from escaping to the outside. There is a single-glazed window with no gap, making it easier for heat to be conducted and quick to escape to the outside of the property. Most double-glazed windows have uPVC frames and low emissivity.

Environmental Benefits of Double Glazing

What are the environmental benefits of double glazing and why you may install it in your home?

Double glazing is the most cost-effective addition and long-term eco-friendly practice you can introduce when you think of an eco-friendly routine and solution in your home. An eco-friendly routine allows an efficient lifestyle for your family, so upgrading to double-glazing windows will create a serene and healthy home.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one benefit of double glazing. Energy generated in homes is lost through old single glazed windows or broken windows because, when energy is built up, it flows like water and finds the outlet with the least resistance and escapes through it. Heat expands outwards as stated by the law of thermodynamics, resulting in more heat escaping and spending more on energy bills to reheat your home. To prevent the heat generated from escaping to the outside, adequate measures should be employed.

Upgrading to double glazing is energy efficient, which will keep your home warm during the winter period and avoid the energy bills to reheat your home. It ensures that the heat generated is trapped inside the house, and the cold outside the house will be inaccessible.

Cooling System

Excessive heatwaves reaching 40 degrees Celsius are now being experienced around the world, making global warming increase on the rise. Sometimes the heat degree is more than 40 degree Celsius, which is quite alarming and prevents people from being active and unproductive. As a result, a functioning cooling system will be required to keep your home cool, which means more energy bills will be incurred to keep your AC running.

The solution to saving your money, energy preservation, and consumption are to upgrade to double-glazed windows. Installing double-glazed windows in your homes will prevent heat from penetrating from outside and after which the cooling effect will last longer than usual and leave your home cool.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Installing double-glazing windows in your home can be your little contribution and a significant one to overcome the effect of the global greenhouse gas emission crisis, which has reached a staggering level. According to catastrophic predictions by the year 2050, we may be experiencing more than a 2 degrees Celsius rise in global temperature. The global community needs to come together to prevent these disastrous consequences which we may experience. The world is producing substantial greenhouse gases, enough to lead the planet earth to extinction. The effect will completely melt the polar ice caps and coral reefs in marine wildlife will go extinct

At this rate, upgrading to double-glazed windows in your homes is important because it promotes the reduction of CO2 gas emission and reduces the 700kg of carbon gas emitted yearly.

Double-glazing windows will provide an eco-friendly and efficient long-term investment. The planet earth can be a safe place for us if we all can upgrade to double glazing in a defiant stand against the deteriorating environment.

If you would like to find out more about how double-glazed windows can transform your home, get in touch with Northants Windows.

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