How To Keep Your Home Warm With The Right Windows

How to Keep Your Home Warm With the Right Windows

One of the toughest things about living through the Canadian winter is trying to deal with dropping temperatures, even when you’re indoors. If your home is too cold to handle you might need to equip it with better insulation to deal with the long and frosty season – the best way to get that insulation is to replace your old windows with the right ones.

The winter chill creeps into your space primarily through air leaks coming through windows and doors that are either old, poorly sealed or made of low-quality materials. If you want a professional confirmation of this common issue, you can hire an expert to do an energy audit-they will inspect your home to find problem areas that lead to energy waste, like air leaks that cause overuse of heating appliances. If you would rather check for air leaks in your windows and doors on your own, you can check if you feel a breeze coming through the closed window on a windy day or hold up a smoking match to see if the smoke blows away from the glass. Another surefire way to check if you are getting cold air leaks is to inspect your hydro bills to see if they habitually spike during the winter months-this can be a clear sign that your home’s limited insulation is impacting your personal comfort and your wallet.

There are lots of cheap hacks to keep the cold from getting through your windows, like coating them in plastic wrap or garbage bags – these tips for taking care of your windows in the winter are temporary solutions that won’t actually fix the air leaks. Taking out your old windows and installing high-quality replacements is the ideal way that you can improve the insulation in your home. The right windows for your home improvement should be energy-efficient, which means they will have low-emissivity glass to keep the outdoor temperature from getting indoors. You should get these energy-efficient replacements from an experienced local company like Golden Windows-they have been helping homeowners deal with the Canadian cold for over fifty years. The company will have a variety of window replacement options that will suit your personal style, while also prioritizing your personal comfort and warmth.

Your new energy efficient windows should also have these additional elements if you want the optimal performance:

  • Moisture-resistant frames
  • Sealed with caulking
  • Professional installation

Here are some other renovations and home maintenance tips to keep your home warm during a long and relentless Canadian

  • Getting energy-efficient entry doors
  • Adding insulation to the walls and the attic
  • Cleaning or upgrading your furnace
  • Plugging gaps in the foundation and walls

Address your property’s issue with insulation by getting rid of your old windows and replacing them with new high-quality and energy-efficient ones. This home improvement will stop cold air leaks from creeping through your windows so that you can feel comfortable instead of chilled to the bone.

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