Facts about Vertical Sliding Windows

Facts About Vertical Sliding Windows

Windows are an important part of every home as they provide functionality, improve appearance and give a special identity. It’s impossible to imagine a home without windows as every building has them, no matter how small or big it may be. And choosing which type of windows you will install will determine the appearance and value of your home.

What You Need To Keep In Mind

If you are installing new or replacing old windows, you have to take several things into account.

  • Ventilation
  • Safety
  • Beauty
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost

Keeping these in mind, people usually go for sliding and casement windows. Casement windows can be opened from side to side and from top to bottom. On the other hand, sliding windows will slide along a track and can be opened horizontally and vertically. The latter are more popular as they are the most economical choice. Of course, this does not mean that any type of sliding window is going to be cheap because it all depends on the material these are made of.

Vinylg can’t be painted and it can crack, warp or fade over time, but it’s the cheapest material out there. Wood can be painted, lasts long, is sturdy but it requires maintenance. Aluminum is durable and lightweight but they are not very attractive. As you can see, there are many options to choose from when it comes to materials, so you have to consider every detail.


Vertical sliding windows are quite practical and they offer some features other types of windows can’t provide. It’s easy to close and open them and they will never cause a draft because they can’t be incorrectly closed, like casement windows for example. You can open them by lifting them upwards and close them by pulling them down. Without a crank mechanism, it’s impossible for them to be closed incorrectly. And since the runners are horizontally placed, there won’t be any dust or other debris that will get in the way and slow down or block vertical sliding window movement.

Two Different Types

Single sash windows have only one movable windowpane while the other one is fixed. Double sash windows have two movable windowpanes. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but go for the double sash if you can afford it. They are more practical and offer you more options. The biggest advantage you get is that you can open them without fearing they will close on their own. Also, some folks say they feel a lot more comfortable with these windows as their kids can’t reach them and open them on their own or step out through the opened windowpane

Vertical sliding windows contributes to the architecture and design of American houses. As these windows evolve, the architecture evolves with them. It’s interesting to notice that the styles and designs that were used a century ago are still being used today. Of course, there have been many variations like double or triple glazed windows, but still there are many folks who like to use traditional, timber windows.

source: oridow.com

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