Best Window Decorations

Best Window Decorations

Windows are one of, if not the most important element of a room because they create a central focus to your space. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your windows are decorated well, as they are one of the first things people will notice when entering a room.


Curtains can make or break a room so it’s important to choose them carefully, taking into consideration the colors, fabric, length and lining to blend with your room’s color scheme. Remember that your curtains will become the victim of fading due to direct sunlight over time so it is best to avoid bright colors as they will fade faster. Pick a heavier fabric if you live in a cool climate to help keep the heat in and remember that lining will add to the body of the curtain. Blinds made out of sharp or plastic materials can add harshness to the room. Using soft fabrics on your windows are a better choice.

Window Seat

Adding a window seat will add a quirky element to your room, and give you an extra seating area. Even though they can be portrayed as being a bit pretentious or dramatic, they do look gorgeous and give you a great view out of the window. Window seats can be as big or as little as you want and work well to frame your window creatively. Potentially, installing a window seat can also act as an additional storage area, with draws hidden underneath cushions or below the seat.

Window Paint

Painting your window can be a fun way to decorate your children’s room and injecting color onto the glass panes will create a stunning effect as the sun shines through. Buy some specialized glass paint from a craft shop and design your own pattern to be transferred onto the glass. Let your children loose with the paint for a truly unique work of window art.

Stained Glass Hanging Panel

If you aren’t quite brave enough to paint directly onto your window, a stained glass hanging panel can be a good alternative that will create the same beautiful patterns as the sun shines through.

Curtain pole

Poles are often overlooked when designing a room but they form an integral part of the layout and can add a personal touch. There is a huge range of curtain poles available ranging from embellished one off designs to the simple standard poles available in home ware stores. Matching tiebacks can add an extra decorative element and ensure that you are receiving the optimum amount of sun into the space.

Dressing up a window to suit the rest of your room, whether it’s a lounge room or bedroom, can make it look completely new even if you don’t change anything else. It’s an easy and fun way to add new life to your room and rejuvenate your home decor. Use the examples above, or get creative in your own way. Walking into the room after you’ve finished redecorating the windows will give you a sense of freshness and pride.


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