Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips to Keep your Office Clean

Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

Office is where you spend a major chunk of your day. It ought to be clean and hygienic, just like your home. This would ensure that you stay protected against bacteria, germs, and infections of all kinds. Besides your health, which of course is the prime driving factor, a clean office definitely speaks lots about your image. Your visiting clients are sure to get impressed and it’s a win-win situation, after all.

Now commercial office cleaning is slightly different from the cleaning techniques followed at home. And the best part is, you don’t always need to hire the services (which can be pretty costly) of professional cleaners.

Yes, they do the job really well so your office looks sparkling clean. However, you can go in for slightly more affordable choices by employing the help of professional cleaning products. This way you can end up having a clean and hygienic office space while taking care of your pocket too.

Here are some of the best office cleaning techniques to follow by using professional cleaning products and solutions. They are fairly simple to use, effective in results, low on cost, and work for all kinds of commercial office areas. Take a look.

Top Commercial Cleaning Tips For Offices

Thorough clean your carpets

Offices are germs’ best friends. Lots of people walking in and out the door all day long, wiping off shoes on the carpet – it definitely needs to be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week. Do it preferably over the weekend so work and client movement doesn’t get affected. Vacuum them for sure and also try Water Extraction Carpet Cleaner solution for deeper cleaning.

Wipe clean all computers and keyboards

They are definitely the most used in your office plus they are easy magnets for dust and germs. Hand-to-mouth infections are fairly easy to catch for those working on desktops or laptops all day. Always keep a soft cloth and a disinfectant cleaning solution handy in your drawer to clean these at regular intervals.

Take care of bathroom sanitation

They don’t need to be just clean; they should be sanitized every day, every few hours, to ensure a healthy work environment for your staff and in turn boost worker productivity. Make a cleaning schedule for all the restrooms and the same should be conveyed to the cleaning staff.

You can use a host of disinfectants here that come in several fragrances to eliminate bad odor. Comet Disinfecting-Sanitizing Bathroom Cleaner is one example. Of course, combine it with specially designed scouring pads like S.O.S. Heavy Duty Scrubber Sponge that makes it easy to access hard-to-reach nooks and corners in bathrooms.

Maintain your floors

The floor of your office space is a clear reflection of your image. Clean and shiny floors are more welcoming and also make a good impression about you and your organization. While your housekeeping may already be sweeping and mopping the floors daily, sometimes it isn’t enough.

It may leave a sparkling clean floor behind but not necessarily a germ-free one. To make the work environment healthier for your staff, choose Mercury Floor Machines PRO Series Ultra High-Speed Burnisher.

Create a biodegradable waste policy

Dustbins are an essential part of your office-cleaning regime. Often, we tend to forget about the tiny little basket chucked away in one corner of the room. They are magnets to flies, mosquitos, and whatnot. Empty the dustbins regularly and always go for recycling bins like Rubbermaid Commercial Glutton Recycling Station.

Use Professional Tools And Gadgets For Effective Commercial

The tips detailed above will come in handy to maintain a clean and healthier office space on a daily basis. However, we suggest taking the help of certain professional cleaning tools and agents for best results. These are generally more cost-effective than hiring professional cleaners. Plus, they involve a one-time investment and you can expect great results every time.

Warehouse115 is one such firm that deals in providing a multitude of office cleaning products, solutions, and tools for everyday use. From all basic cleaning stuff like can liners, chemicals, and cleaning accessories to gadgets for facility maintenance, the company is your one-stop hub for all your janitorial needs.

Other Points To Remember For Tidy Offices

Your office space need not be just clean; it also needs to be tidy. One without the other looks incomplete and cannot be called “clean”. For this, we have a few tips for you.

Always keep your things organized

Make sure that your workstation and work desk is always well arranged. Do not clutter up or stack things up in a messy pile. Neatly arrange stuff in a well-organized rack or shelf. It’ll be welcoming to clients as also keep you in a happy work mood.

Maintain a cleaning checklist

A checklist always comes in handy when working on projects, right? You can keep note of what needs to be done and what has been completed. Similarly, create a checklist for your office cleaning schedule as well. First, make a list of the various spaces that need to be covered. Starting with reception and lobby area to workstations, cabins, work desks, rest rooms, and pantry. Set a specific day for each and make sure cleaning of all these areas is strictly followed by the cleaning staff.

Learn to dispose off unwanted stuff

Just like your home, there would be tons of things at your workspace too which aren’t of use anymore. Outdated equipment, tools, gadgets, files that date back to the ancient era, and the like. Dispose off all these carefully, making sure that the ones that can be recycled go to the appropriate recycling bins. Make room for new tools, gadgets, and equipment to keep pace with changing technology.

Summing Up

Therefore, you see maintaining a clean and tidy office is not that difficult really. Just a bit of effort on your side and the right knowledge to use the right cleaning stuff and you’re done!

source: planetmaids.com, warehouse115.com

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