Fight Back Against Hackers During the Smart Home Revolution

Fight Back Against Hackers During the Smart Home Revolution

The smart home revolution is coming, but the current market leaves users in a vulnerable state. Growth in the market of smart home devices has moved so quickly that the home security market is falling far behind, creating a gap that thieves and intruders can squeeze into before security technology catches up.

More devices in the home also opens the door for unwanted intruders, as each smart home gadget in a household functions as a new door that can be broken into.

Advancements in data bandwidth and technology have created obvious benefits, such as allowing homeowners to manage their house from anywhere on the planet. By using a video doorbell camera and smart door lock, users can open, lock, and answer their front door all from a remote device, wherever they may be.

The video doorbell and smart lock used to let in guests can also be used by thieves to monitor a house and break in while the owner is away. Security specialists also showed during a demonstration at an exhibit that they could take control of the lights of an entire office complex by hacking into a smart light bulb in a single room of the building. It shows that the threat can come from anywhere.

Thanks to smart home devices and the engineers and innovators who create them, our lives at home are becoming less demanding, more efficient, and more secure every day. Smart home devices have created a new market that is rapidly growing and is expected to be at least five times larger by 2022. While the security industry catches up with the advancements in smart home devices, you can use low-tech but effective methods to secure your home, family, and gadgets. For a more high-tech solution you can install a firewall on your home network which will act as a barrier for all your smart devices regardless of their security weaknesses.

This is a guest post and infographic from smarthomeSAGE.

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