Five Ways to Restore a Dilapidated Garden to Delightful Form

Five Ways to Restore a Dilapidated Garden to Delightful Form

Has it been too long since anyone has taken a caring hand to your garden? Got a deep sense of guilt and shame from just looking at it? Well, given that you’re reading this, you’ve decided to do something about it. Good for you! Now that the back patting is over, let’s to business. This article is going to help you fix all those nasty broken down parts of your garden and restore it to some form of splendor. Get the weed-killer ready and your gloves on because it’s time to get working.

Get those fences repaired

The fences are a very important part of any garden because they’re what’s immediately visible. You don’t want your fences telling people that you’re a slovenly, careless person and that’s exactly what broken down fences do. Sealant can do you the job most of the time and paint is a great way to cover up any small cracks. It’s important you get on it sooner rather than later so future wear and tear doesn’t exacerbate the issue.

Fix up your trees

If you’ve been leaving your trees and bushes to grow wild, they can take over your garden and even encroach on your neighbors. If there’s something you want less than a messy garden, it’s neighbors complaining about your tree. You can get most of your hedges trimmed easily by yourself but managing a tree can be dangerous work. Use professional tree services to make sure you’re in good order without causing damage or injury.

Help the soil grow health again

Neglected, overgrown soil can have difficulty in growing healthy plants in the future. If you’re looking to make your garden gorgeous again, start taking care of your soil. Mulch can do tremendous work in adding all the health and nutrients your garden needs to start growing strong again. Supplement it with compost made from your own organic waste. Learn about pH levels and how your soil accommodates moisture too. It might seem like a lot, but it will answer why your flowers might not be blooming as brilliantly as the Joneses next door.

Be ruthless with the weeds

In your absence, you will have found that weeds have usurped the rightful place of the flowers who might have been there in the past. Well, you’re not just going to stand for it. Be prepared to eradicate a lot of the life in your garden as you get rid of the weeds that will sabotage anything you plan to grow. Mulch is a solution for this, as is snipping them when they’re young. Just be vigilant for when new ones appear as they usually will.

Make use of the ruin

This might run counter to everything we’ve said so far, but overgrowth and dilapidation can sometimes look rather stunning. If you come across a section of garden that actually looks good at the moment, don’t be afraid to let it be. Ruin gardening is a practice that’s growing in fashion. It just doesn’t have to spread over the entire garden.

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