Frequent Back Pain It Might be Time for a New Furniture

Frequent Back Pain? It Might be Time for a New Furniture

If you are encountering frequent back pain after sitting for long periods of time, it may be time to upgrade your chair. This kind of discomfort – also known as axial back pain, which can lead to serious complications down the line – can be caused by many things, but furniture that makes you sit too straight, or in uncomfortable positions can intensify muscle tension. However, it’s also an easy problem to fix, if attended to early on.

At the same time, furniture that doesn’t support your spine and back when you sit can create problems. If your furniture has been around for decades, or has taken a lot of abuse in the few years you’ve had it, your best option may be to get a new chair for your condo or office; here are a few possibilities to consider when shopping around with the intent to alleviate discomfort.

1. Recliners

It’s common knowledge that recliners cater to relaxation, but that’s no reason for this type of chair to avoid essential ergonomic tenets; indeed, comfort and health ought to go hand-in-hand. Research has found that sitting in a reclining position, rather than a straight 90 degrees position, may be better for your back. While they shift your body into an uncommon position, recliners are nonetheless cushiony and soft, providing comfort at the end of a long day at work and a way of sitting that doesn’t repeat the stresses imposed upon the back by rigid office chairs. Footrests, moreover, allow you to put your feet up so you can truly relax while taking the strain and pressure off your back.

2. Lift chairs

A lift chair may resemble a recliner, but its primary purpose is to help you rise to a near standing position while sitting. If your back pain creates mobility issues for you, a lift chair is an excellent option, as it tricks your body into think it is upright, making it easier for you to get up, while still providing you with a more comfortable sitting experience.

3. Sectionals

Sectional sofas provide ample seating for everyone in the home and/or guests. They are elegant in design and capable of fitting into a corner or making a statement in the middle of the room. Sectionals traditionally come with a chaise or bumper, and some even come with built-in recliners, allowing you to maximize your comfort by sitting in various positions. If you’re looking to refurnish a whole room on a budget, a sectional could be a way to make that happen, allowing you to get both the comfortable and stylish piece you desire. No doubt, it is best suited for larger spaces, as they are often quite plump and angular.

If your budget doesn’t immediately permit you to purchase any of the aforementioned items, there are luckily a few tricks that can help ease your back pain:

  • Tuck a small pillow or rolled up towel between your back and the seat just above your hips
  • When standing, move to the front of your seat and straighten your legs to stand rather than leaning forward
  • Use a footrest or stool to keep your knees, hips and feet in proper alignment when sitting

When you do finally get around to upgrading your furnishings, it is certain that you’ll feel the effects right away; a new chair can make a world of difference and your body will, rest assured, thank you for it.

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